Fan reconstructions of missing Doctor Who stories.

Many Doctor Who stories from the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton eras are missing or destroyed. Loose Cannon Productions has attempted to recreate these missing episodes through use of telesnaps and other means. The reconstructions (or recons) of these missing or lost Doctor Who episodes are the hard work of the Loose Cannon Production Team.

On this site you can learn which Doctor Who reconstructions we have made, how we made them, and obtain copies for yourself.


Preventing lost classics from becoming forgotten classics.

These Doctor Who reconstructions are produced by fans for all fans who want to enjoy them. This is not done for any monetary compensation.

Reconstructions are FREE and available WORLDWIDE.

Productions to date:

    LC17 Marco Polo
    LC12 The Reign of Terror
    LC14 The Crusade
    LC11 Galaxy 4
    LC13 Mission to the Unknown
    LC26 The Myth Makers
    LC20 The Daleks' Master Plan
    LC16 The Massacre
    LC08 The Celestial Toymaker
    LC29 The Savages
    LC30 The Smugglers
    LC04 The Tenth Planet
    LC10 The Power of the Daleks
    LC27 The Highlanders
    LC23 The Underwater Menace
    LC18 The Moonbase
    LC24 The Macra Terror
    NEW The Faceless Ones
    LC31 The Evil of the Daleks
    LC25 The Abominable Snowmen
    LC21 The Ice Warriors
    LC15 The Enemy of the World
    LC22 Fury from the Deep
    LC19 The Invasion
    LC28 The Space Pirates

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