Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Colin Baker

Colin Baker during the recording of the introduction to The Evil of the Daleks reconstruction in 2008.

Colin Baker as The Doctor.
(The Two Doctors, 1985.)

Colin Baker was born in 1943 in the Royal Waterloo Lying-In Hospital and narrowly avoided being a victim of the war when a piece of shrapnel embedded itself in his cot!

As a child, Colin appeared in 1954 Granada series My Wife's Sister. At the age of 18 he decided he wanted to pursue a career as an actor but was pushed towards qualifying as a solicitor. Never really happy following a legal career path after the death of his father Colin decided to revert back to his original plan and trained to become an actor. Interestingly, as a young actor Colin used to share a flat with David Troughton, son of the second Doctor.

Following many minor roles during the 1970s Colin's big break came when he landed the role of Paul Merrony in The Brothers. Colin's part was so influential that he found himself hated by millions and frequently found himself at the receiving end of abuse from viewers who found it difficult to discern Colin from his character.

After marrying his Brothers co-star Liza Goddard Colin took a variety of roles in many popular series before first coming to attention of Dr Who fans as Commander Maxil in the Doctor Who serial, the Arc of Infinity. It was during this time that he clearly impressed series producer John Nathan-Turner as he decided to offer him the role as the series star.

Sadly before he started in the role and now married to his second wife, Marion Wyatt, he suffered the tragedy of losing a baby son, Jack, to cot death. This led to him becoming a prolific fundraiser for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

His reign as the Sixth Doctor was possibly the most controversial in the shows history. His era included the "hiatus" year, the problems surrounding the production of Trial of a Time Lord and his eventual sacking at the behest of Michael Grade, ending his time in the role far earlier than he would have liked.

However, Colin never really left the role of the Doctor behind and returned to play and discuss the role many times. The popular series of spin offs entitled The Stranger was a firm favourite with Colin Baker fans. He presented links for and appeared in video releases such as Cybermen, The Early Years, the PC game Destiny of the Doctors, the celebratory Children in need story Dimensions in Time, many DVD extras, Doctor Who Confidential and in the stage play The Ultimate Adventure.

Before the return of the show to TV in 2005 Colin's Doctor made a great impact thanks to the series of Big Finish audio adventures in which he proved extremely popular winning many plaudits and showed there is much more mileage in his Doctor than he was allowed to show at the time. Indeed with the 2007 Children in Need special, Time Crash, showing multi-Doctor stories are still viable who knows, we may eventually see his return to the role on televisionů

Colin Baker provides the introduction for
LC31 The Evil of the Daleks

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Colin Baker as Maxil.
(Doctor Who - Arc of Infinity 1983)

Colin Baker as the Doctor.
(Doctor Who, 1984-1986.)

Colin Baker as the Doctor.
(Doctor Who, 1984-1986.)

Colin Baker as the Doctor.
(Blue Peter, 1984.)


Colin Baker as Town Hall Clerk.
(Public Eye, 1971.)

Colin Baker as Anatole Kuragin.
(War and Peace, 1972.)

Colin Baker as Paul Merroney.
(The Brothers, 1976.)

Colin Baker as Paul Merroney.
(The Brothers, 1976.)

Colin Baker as Colin Miles.
(Casualty, 1989.)

Colin Baker as The Stranger.
(In Memory Alone, 1993.)

Colin Baker as Charles Dillon.
(Doctors, 2006.)

Colin Baker as Judge.
(The Afternoon Play, 2006.)

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