Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Peter Barkworth

Peter Barkworth during the recording of the introduction to The Ice Warriors reconstruction in 2004.


Peter Barkworth as Clent.
(The Ice Warriors, 1967.)

Peter Barkworth was born in Margate, Kent but grew up in the North of England and was educated at Stockport School where his interest in acting started with involvement in various school plays. He had aspirations to become an actor from a very early age and joined RADA almost immediately after leaving school.

A string of television and film appearances followed spanning four decades where Barkworth worked alongside stars such as Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton, James Mason, George Sanders, Peter Finch and John Mills to name but a few.

Barkworth is also fondly remembered for the TV series Telford's Change, where he played a hand in developing the idea of the series and in which he co-starred with Hannah Gordon. He has also appeared in various episodes of the cult series The Avengers. However, Doctor Who fans most fondly remember Barkworth's memorable portrayal as Leader Clent in The Ice Warriors.

In later years Barkworth undertook teaching as well as acting and taught at RADA (where one of his students was Anthony Hopkins). With a unfaltering interest in acting Barkworth was a member of the Council at RADA for an impressive 16 years. He has also written books on acting and public speaking which are still available and are used as reference material by many budding actors.

After retiring Barkworth enjoyed keeping up with current affairs. He enjoyed travel and has journeyed around the world twice. He sadly passed away on 21st October 2006 and we believe our interview was the last one he conducted. Loose Cannon are proud to dedicate our Ice Warriors reconstruction to him, a true gentleman.

Peter Barkworth provides the introduction for:
LC21 The Ice Warriors

Peter Barkworth as Geoffrey Willis.
(The Avengers - "The Medicine Men", 1963.)

Peter Barkworth as Mr. "Percy" Percival.
(The Avengers - "The Correct Wat to Kill", 1967.)

Peter Barkworth as Edward Berkeley.
(Where Eagles Dare, 1968.)

Peter Barkworth as Merlin.
(The Avengers - "The Morning After", 1969.)

Peter Barkworth as Charles Gill.
(Wilde, 1997.)

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