Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Ian Fairbairn

Ian Fairbairn during his interview on
The Macra Terror reconstruction in 2005.

Ian Fairbairn as Questa.
(The Macra Terror, 1967.)

Ian Fairbairn is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. Extremely friendly and always chatty, Ian is a delightful man, a superb actor, an obsessive collector and a general jack of all trades.

Playing Questa in The Macra Terror was the first of four appearances for Ian Fairbairn in Dr Who. He returned in 1968 to play scientist Gregory in the Invasion. Here he performed a memorable death scene after being shot by the Cybermen. Fans of the series will probably best know Ian for his various roles in the Jon Pertwee story Inferno. Ian played scientist Bromley at project Inferno and recalls filming scenes with Jon Pertwee high up on gas-work gantries. Ian also provided the intercom and announcement voice at project inferno. Interestingly it is Ian Fairbairn's character who appears on the cover of the Inferno novelisation. Ian's final appearance in Dr Who was as Dr Chester during location filming for the Seeds of Doom.

Ian has a wealth of acting experience covering many decades. He is often fondly remembered for his roles in the ITC television serial Timeslip, in which he played two majors roles. Ian is currently enjoying a resurgence of interest in Timeslip in which he has recently been asked to resurrect one of his old characters.

Ian describes himself as a "bit of a squirrel" and admits that he is a notorious hoarder. This trait proved to be very fortunate for Timeslip fans as Ian kept his copies of the original Timeslip scripts which are the only copies known to exist.

Extremely practical, Ian turns his hand to virtually anything. Carpentry, dressmaking, upholstery, cooking and jam-making are among his many skills.

Our thanks to Ian for participating and for his kind and encouraging comments about the Macra Terror reconstruction.

Ian Fairbairn is interviewed on:
LC24 The Macra Terror.

Ian Fairbairn as Gregory,
(The Invasion, 1968.)

Ian Fairbairn as Bromley,
(Inferno, 1970.)

Ian Fairbairn as Doctor Chester,
(The Seeds of Doom, 1976.)

Ian Fairbairn as Alpha 4,
(Timeslip, 1971.)

Ian Fairbairn as Dr Frazer,
(Timeslip, 1975.)

Ian Fairbairn as Dr Frazer,
(Timeslip, 2005.)

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