Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Joseph Furst

Joseph Furst during the recording of the introduction to The Underwater Menace reconstruction in 2005.

Joseph Furst as Professor Zaroff.
(The Underwater Menace, 1967.)

Joseph Furst was born in Vienna, Austria. Originally intending to study law, Joseph planned to use his acting skills in the courtroom. He trained at Vienna and almost immediately after graduating was selected for one of Austria's leading theatres.

The Consul of Canada happened to be a fan of Joseph and suggested to him that he try his luck in Canada. So after the war, Joseph uprooted and left for Canada where, amongst other places, he worked at CBC for Dr Who creator Sydney Newman. Here his break came when he appeared as Iago in Shakespeare's Othello.

It was while in Canada that Joseph met his wife Lois. With her family originating from England they decided to try a career in London. After initially being turned down for work Joseph was called back to an audition after another actor became ill. This kick-started his career in England.

A string of film and television appearances followed, including working with Patrick Troughton in The Midnight Men (1964). He is also fondly remembered for his role in James Bond film Diamonds are forever (1971), where Joseph has strong memories of Sean Connery's habit of staring at his eyebrows.

For Joseph, The Underwater Menace conjures up memories of long hours filming in water filled tanks, frequent costume changes and hair-stylists.

With a long and varied career behind him Joseph retired to Australia. He appeared as a regular in the Aussie drama Number 96 (1976) and in a few films before retiring in the 1980s.

Our thanks to Joseph for sparing the time to record material for us and for allowing us to interview him. Thanks to Dwayne Bunney and Dallas Jones for their help with the interview.

Joseph Furst sadly passed away on 29th November 2005 at the grand old age of 89. Loose Cannon dedicates our Underwater Menace reconstruction to his memory.

Joseph Furst provides the introduction for:
LC23 The Underwater Menace
and an interview with him is also provided on this tape.

Joseph Furst as Professor Zaroff.
(The Underwater Menace, 1967.)

Joseph Furst as Johann Strauss.
(Saltzburg Theatre, 1955.)

Joseph Furst as The Commandant.
(Very Important Person, 1961.)

Joseph Furst as King Alexander.
(The Midnight Men, 1964.)

Joseph Furst as Otto Lentz.
(The Brides of Fu Manchu, 1966.)

Joseph Furst as Karl Schiller.
(Theatre of Death, 1966.)

Joseph Furst as Dr Metz.
(Diamonds are Forever, 1971.)

Joseph Furst as Carlo Lenzi.
(Number 96, 1976.)

Joseph Furst as The Baron.
(The Dunera Boys, 1985.)

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