Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Julian Glover

Julian Glover during the recording of the introduction to the Crusade reconstruction in 2000.


Julian Glover as King Richard the Lionheart.
(The Crusade, 1965.)

Julian Glover was born in London in 1935, the son of a writer and Broadcaster. Julian has become a Shakespearean actor of great distinction, he portrays villains so well that he tends to get type cast in this role. In 1968 he married fellow actress Isla Blair (who played Lady Isabella in 'The King's Demons').

Julian Glover's first role in Doctor Who was that of King Richard in The Crusade. He remembered the production very well and made long lasting friendships with many of the other actors in the serial. He later returned to Doctor Who to appear against Tom Baker in City of Death as Scaroth and his human alter ego Count Scarlioni.

Trained at RADA, Julian Glover made his film debut as Lt. Matherton in the Oscar-winning Tom Jones in 1963. His best known movie credits include: Quatermass and the Pit, For Your Eyes Only, The Empire Strikes Back, Ivanhoe (as King Richard!), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Treasure Island and King Ralph.

Julian Glover is currently playing the title role in King Lear at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Julian Glover was interviewed in DWM issue 205.

Julian Glover provides the introduction for:
LC14 The Crusade

Julian Glover as Count Scarlioni.
(City of Death, 1979.)

Julian Glover as Captain Tancredi.
(City of Death, 1979.)

Julian Glover as Scaroth.
(City of Death, 1979.)

Julian Glover as Colonel Breen.
(Quatermass and the Pit, 1967.)

Julian Glover as Peter Rooke.
(The Avengers, 1968.)

Julian Glover as Jarak.
(Space 1999, 1975.)

Julian Glover as Professor Kayn.
(Blake's 7, 1978.)

Julian Glover as General Veers.
(The Empire Strikes Back, 1980.)

Julian Glover as Aristotle Kristatos.
(For Your Eyes Only, 1981.)

Julian Glover as Walter Donovan.
(Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989.)

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