Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Roy Spencer

Roy Spencer during the recording of the introduction to Fury from the Deep released in 2005.

Roy Spencer as Harris.
(Fury from the Deep, 1968.)

Roy Spencer was born in Heanor, Derbyshire but spent most of his early years growing up a short distance away in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. It was during his early years in Eastwood that Roy's interest was kindled in the life and works of D.H. Lawrence, who was also born in Eastwood and grew up in the local area. Roy's interest in Lawrence has remained steadfast over the years with him becoming an expert in the subject. He has written books about Lawrence and has even produced a one-man show about him with which Roy has toured the country and has even taken abroad.

Roy's acting career started almost immediately after leaving RADA with him joining a touring acting company. Over the years, Roy has had a wealth of acting experience in all forms of media. He has had parts in several major television serials and has even appeared in a couple of Hollywood films. He even once worked under the legendary Stanley Kubrick.

Roy has appeared in two Dr Who stories. In 1966 he appeared alongside William Hartnell in "The Ark" where he played Manyak, one of the human guardians who befriends the Doctor and defends Steven at his trial. Two years later Roy appeared alongside Patrick Troughton in "Fury from the Deep" for which he provides introductory and voice-over material for the reconstruction. Roy has very vivid memories of working with the first two Doctors and these and other aspects of his life are conveyed in a marvellous interview which accompanies the tape.

Roy still acts these days, and can usually be found in London theatres. He enjoys collecting first editions of D.H. Lawrence novels.

Roy Spencer is a wonderfully friendly man and we hope our interview does him the justice he deserves.

Roy Spencer provides the introduction for:
LC22 Fury from the Deep. He is also interviewed and provides the narration to our mini-documentary that accompanies the reconstruction.

Roy Spencer as Harris.
(Fury from the Deep, 1968.)

Roy Spencer as Manyak
(The Ark, 1966)

Roy Spencer as Horse seller
(Barry Lyndon, 1975)

Roy Spencer as Magnus Spence (Bomber Harris, 1992)

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