Loose Cannon's Hall Of Fame:
Frances White

Frances White during the recording of the introduction to The Myth Makers reconstruction in 2006.

Frances White as Cassandra.
(The Myth Makers, 1965.)

Frances White was born in Leeds in 1938. She is the daughter of Frank White who was a notable production designer of his era and whose credits cover many productions including 'Clash of the Titans' (1981).

Frances White originally had her heart set on being a ballet dancer. According to Frances this particular career path was abolished when she was told that she had 'the wrong kind of feet'! Luckily for us this meant that Frances decided to pursue an alternative career in acting.

Frances excelled at acting and graduated from drama school clutching an armful of awards. One of these awards included the prestigious Rediffusion award, which catapulted the young Frances straight into numerous significant roles in Rediffusion productions. These high profile roles on television triggered a further avalanche of parts in films with one of her very first film appearances seeing her appearing alongside Peter Finch, James Mason and Anne Bancroft.

Numerous television and film appearances followed, ranging from comedy roles alongside Norman Wisdom, regular roles in soap operas, to classic drama such as her wonderful portayal of Julia in BBC's production 'I, Claudius'.

In 1989 Frances was cast as secretary Vera Flood in the BBC comedy 'May to December'. This is the role from which she is now most frequently recognised. Frances is still working but more recently has branched into areas of voice-overs with work ranging from cartoon characters to documentaries.

Frances has fond memories of working on Myth Makers. She recalls many aspects of her role as Cassandra. She remembers details about her costume and the recording of some of the scenes. She also has memories that she would rather forget about William Hartnell's armchair! Her memories are captured in a wonderful personal introduction that Frances has recorded especially for the reconstruction. We wish to thank Frances for her kind and willing involvement in the new Myth Makers reconstruction.

Frances White provides the introduction for:
LC26 The Myth Makers.

Frances White as Melanie Langdon.
(The Victorian Chaise Longue, 1962.)

Frances White as Mary Fleming.
(Mary Queen of Scots, 1971.)

Frances White as Andrea Warner.
(A Raging Calm, 1974.)

Frances White as Virna Holt.
(Thriller Screamer, 1975.)

Frances White as Julia.
(I Claudius, 1976.)

Frances White as Queen Charlotte.
(Prince Regent, 1979.)

Frances White as Dorothy Hampton.
(A Very Peculiar Practice, 1986.)

Frances White as Vera Flood.
(May to Dec, 1989 to 1994.)

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