The Making of Marco Polo
By Derek Handley


Part 3 - Into Production






From the outset Rick was bursting to tell everyone about the work we were doing and actually leaked all the key information on to the old message board! Luckily nobody really picked this up so we decided to form a pact that we would work in secret until the project was almost completed. The main reason for doing this was that we didn't want to be pressurised into rushing the reconstruction. We knew this was going to be long project but had no real idea how long it would take. Also at the time we were not sure how well the colourisation would work on video and we didn't want to get everyone's hopes up. We also thought that it would be nice if the fans of the reconstructions were suddenly presented with a surprise recon rather than have to wait a year or so for it.

I managed to track down new copies of the David Holman and the James Russell recordings and used both of these recordings to prepare a new audio track for each episode using the best bits from each version. Armed with camera scripts for each episode, a full set of colour photos and the newly re-mastered audio, I started the reconstruction of episode one - 'The Roof of the World'.