The Making of Marco Polo
By Derek Handley


Part 4 - Titles






One of the first problems we had to overcome was what to do about the title sequence. It looked very odd having black and white titles followed by colour pictures. I seemed to remember reading that the Pertwee titles were filmed in black and white and that the colour effects were added afterwards, so we tried the same thing with the Hartnell titles. After a short discussion on strength and sequence of colours to be used I simply applied a sequence of coloured filters over the titles, with the colours merging from one to another. This looked surprisingly effective. We experimented with alternative pastel colours but these looked quite weak in comparison. The title sequence therefore remained relatively unchanged from its early test sequence.

There are quite a number of people who believe that Marco Polo should only ever be viewed in black and white. To please as many people as I could I wanted the recon to have the ability to be viewed in both colour and black and white formats. This has been achieved so if somebody decides that they really don't want to watch the recon in colour, then they can just turn the colour on their TV down. However it would be very sad for anyone to miss out on all the splendour seen in the colour version.

For the closing credits I just decided to colour the text yellow. This has the affect of appearing white when viewed in black and white. For the opening episode title captions and writer's credit, the use of a yellow text did not look right so these were maintained as just white.