The Making of Marco Polo
By Derek Handley


Part 9 - Additional Features

  In the meantime, Dean had got back in touch with actor Mark Eden (Marco Polo). Dean had initially contacted him the previous year and persuaded him to film material for Richard Bignell's documentary of Marco Polo. He agreed to film some more material for us for the introduction and lead out sequences for the tape. Dean had previously written a journal style introduction for him to read out as Marco Polo's last journal entry looking back at his adventures with the Doctor. We re-recorded an amended version of this narration. We also persuaded Mark Eden to dress up in character for us and act out some sequences as older Marco Polo writing in his journal for the final time. This was marvellous as we now had footage to accompany the voice over journal narration. Interestingly, when we filmed this, Mark Eden was roughly the same age as Marco Polo was when he died in 1324, although he really didn't look old enough. Mark also narrated for us a short documentary for us about the real Marco Polo that Dean had written and researched for the tape.





As the finishing touches were being put to the reconstruction I asked Richard Bignell if he would be interested in including his documentary on the Loose Cannon Marco Polo tape. Luckily Richard agreed, as it was looking increasingly unlikely that even after over 4 years in preparation the COI/JV/MPP version would ever see the light of day. This meant that the reconstruction was put on hold until Richard freed himself from other writing commitments. The tape was finalised in September 2001 making it virtually a year of work from inception to release.

We are extremely proud of the colour reconstruction of Marco Polo and hope that you enjoy the tape.