The Making of The Daleks' Master Plan
By Derek Handley & Dean Rose


Derek Handley Talks us Through the Making of...
Episode 6 - Coronas of the Sun





This was actually the first episode I tackled, mainly because it featured quite a small cast and just a few sets.

Set design pictures exist for the exterior and interior of the Dalek pursuit ship (including the laboratory area). In addition, Ray Cusick took pictures of scenes during rehearsals outside the Pursuit ship and further shots of the interior set as well at the Dalek control room.

The opening video reprise from the end of episode five had to be altered for speed to fit the re-filmed version used in this episode. Most of the early stills used on Mira were just screen grabs from episode five. The video clips of the jungle plants moving as the Visians went past were taken from Planet of the Daleks, as Visians and Spiridons look very similar <grin>!

Stuart made up the brief clip of the 'visible' Visian as it is killed as a CGI animation. This was loosely based on a sketch of the Visians as remembered by Jan Vincent Rudzki.

Stuart also provided the brief shot of the out-of-control Dalek outside the Pursuit ship.

The shot of the Daleks approaching the ship and the door closing was animated in Mediastudio using about five video layers.

The model shot of the Pursuit ship in space was a CGI animation from Stuart. Since the only visual reference for the model was the exterior set, Stuart had a free reign to design the top part of the model.

The Dalek approaching the Supreme was another of Stuart's animations.

The taranium visors were CGI models created by Chris. The 'real' visors could be seen lying around the Pursuit ship set, so Chris based his models very closely on the originals.

The pictures of the Daleks and Chen confronting the Doctor and his companions outside the Pursuit ship were originals taken by Ray Cusick. However, his pictures were taken during rehearsals so Hartnell was not wearing his costume and Kevin Stoney (Chen) did not have his make up, beard or wig on. These therefore had to be corrected in Photoshop to reflect this.

We had to film a few new 'hand' shots to show Steven handing over the taranium core to Chen.