The Making of The Space Pirates (Revised Edition)
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TSP...
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Dean's usual networking skills had put us in touch with actor Donald Gee, who had starred as Major Ian Warne in the serial; Donald was very busy at the time and we had to wait over a year but he was happy to provide us with an interview and voiceover and was an interesting guest when we visited him at his house.




We were also able to grab a quick chat with George Layton backstage at the Flight Through Eternity convention in October 2007 who gave us his memories of The Space Pirates.

Neither of these stars have talked extensively about their time on the show so their contribution was very welcome and rounded off the reconstruction nicely.

We believe that this new reconstruction will give viewers an insight into how Space Pirates looked during its original transmission. Everything considered it's quite a nice little story and we believe the reconstruction now truly brings this lost classic to life once again.