The Making of The Space Pirates (Revised Edition)
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TSP...








The Space Pirates is probably amongst the least regarded Doctor Who stories of the 1960's. Generally viewed as a piece of juvenilia by future script king Robert Holmes, the Target book, the audio and even our previous attempt at a reconstruction were met with a lukewarm response at best.

Looking at the previous recon in preparation for a second go it was clear there were many opportunities for improvement, whilst typical of the standards of the time there was much that could be updated, full screen text passages, static model shots, repetitive clips and incorrect castings could all be improved on with composites, accurate actors and CGI sets.

The source material for the story was sparse, a handful of photos of models and pirates, plus of course the existing episode as a source of screen captures and a few photos of Jack May and Donald Gee as Hermack and Warne and of the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, whilst not as minimal as stories such as Massacre or Myth Makers, there is enough source material to have to remain faithful to without being anywhere near enough to build an accurate reconstruction on its own.

With trepidation we headed into the depths of deep space!