The Making of The Evil of the Daleks
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TEotD...
Episode 1





Episode 1 was perhaps the most straightforward episode to reconstruct. However, the first few scenes included some photos of Jamie and the Doctor running and many shots of the mechanic, Bob Hall. As mentioned, Hall featured very little in appropriate telesnaps so I decided it would need some composites for this and later scenes. We found actor Alec Ross' (who was the first husband of fellow Who star Shelia Hancock, trivia fans) likeness in an episode of The Avengers. I chanced on a costume matching his generic-style overalls as worn by Kenneth Connor in Carry On Cabby so that was used as a body, though we didn't have a background available. With telesnaps present for this story, we needed to match the actual background of the garage, which were lots of small boxes on shelves. Stuart Palmer came up with an excellent set of CGI renders that were also used to give some extra shots of the Doctor and Jamie in the same scene.




One of the things that proved quite tricky to reproduce was Bob Hall's hearing aid. This style of hearing aid was quite popular in the 1960's but is now obsolete, and a close up of the hearing aid was required. Dean noticed that a character in Life on Mars (set in 1973) was wearing a similar hearing aid, but screen captures were in too long a shot to effectively use, though they did show in more detail how this style of hearing aid looked, so I mocked one up from a caravan shelving bracket, a blanking plug and a piece of wire which just happened to be lying around in my shed and took a photo of it in my ear. A little enhancement in Photoshop later and it looked authentic!




Also early in the episode was a shot of a lorry with the TARDIS on the back leaving Gatwick Airport. Copying an idea from another recon, made by John Peterson, I took a clip of a TARDIS-laden lorry from The Claws of Axos leaving the Nuton Power Plant and, in Media Studio, replaced the Nuton sign with one saying "You are now leaving Gatwick Airport".




Shortly after this is a scene where Bob Hall leaves the hangar in his car, and it's clear from the production notes (and also one of the photos) that Hall is driving a Ford Anglia. I missed this detail at first and my first attempt at this consisted of a shot from Carry On at Your Convenience of a car being driven out of some gates, but this was vetoed on the grounds that it didn't actually come into production until after 1966! Looking for another alternative to use, I watched through Carry On Camping and saw Sid James driving a perfect Ford Anglia, though there were no suitable shots of the car. I did notice, however, a shot inside the car which was a close up of Sid with his hands on the steering wheel and the back window in view behind him, I reasoned that the Carry On films are very cheaply made and that it would have been back projection. Realizing this would be quite easy to replicate if I had a background, I asked Marc Taylor, who worked at the exact building which was used for filming in 1966, to take some photos for me at the correct angles. All modern additions were then removed in Photoshop and a screen capture was taken from Carry On Camping with Sid painted out and replaced by Alec Ross wearing Kenneth Connor's overalls (the hands are still Sid's). The back window was removed and replaced with a thin layer of cloud render to give the impression of the window and the background photo blurred at the appropriate points to help emphasise the distance, this was then zoomed out to give the impression of Hall pulling away. Marc's photos were also used in composites of the Doctor and Jamie leaving the building.




One composite I was very happy with was of the Doctor hailing a cab. Again, Carry On Cabby provided the basic shot, with the cab driver leaning over, and I found a shot of the Doctor at the correct angle peering in. I think this shot works very well indeed.

Following this is a scene of the taxi driving along with the Doctor inside. Again, this is taken from Carry On Cabby and the timing synched with the engine noise.




The scene of the Doctor and Jamie approaching the warehouse is totally unrepresented in the telesnaps, so these were made up mostly of shots from The Invasion when they walk down the side of the Guinness building zoomed in so as not to reveal Jamie's different costume and a shot from The Faceless Ones which I stabilized and overlaid, matching brickwork and a warehouse for them to walk to.




Inside the warehouse there were several shots requiring money. I realized the best thing to do here would be to mock the shots up, but I needed some fake 1966 five pound notes. Assuming I would be able to get a design from the Internet, I began searching and found banknotes from every era and every country - except the UK! From comments made on some websites I can only assume the Bank of England has an objection to copies of bank notes being posted online and ask for them to be removed. I had almost given up hope and was considering trying to find one from another source when I found a single five pound note from the Sixties and was able to print several copies for use then take photos of them in the correct positions.




Another interesting shot was the matchbook the Doctor found. I initially made a prop with a nice plain design with a fleur-de-lys, but on review Dean pointed out that the telesnaps showed a background which looked to be three colours. In keeping with the name of the coffee shop, the Tricolour, it seemed sensible these would be the colours of the French flag, red, white and blue, so a replacement was made showing the colours. The inside was a shot of Dean holding a real matchbook.




The flag theme was continued for some composites of Perry. We had a reasonable amount of shots of Geoffrey Colville from Episode 2 and telesnaps and certainly wouldn't have gone looking for more material featuring him, but whilst looking for shots of Alec Ross we found material of Geoffrey in The Avengers dressed almost identically to his Evil of the Daleks costume - he was even wearing a carnation (though it was on the wrong lapel), and some quick work in Photoshop changed his lapel, added an appropriate tie and gave him a tricolour style background to give us a greater variety of shots to use.