The Making of The Evil of the Daleks
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TEotD...
Episode 5





There was less opportunity for specially created material in this episode than the earlier ones but the scene around Victoria's kidnapping by Terrall provided a nice opportunity for Iz to provide a set for me to show Victoria being snatched. We also filmed Julie escaping from Tony Clark (dressed as Terrall) for this scene, and Stuart provided some nice renders of boxes falling away and fluid appearing.




Jamie and Terrall's sword fighting scene worried me as there were only a couple of telesnaps available, and surely there was no chance of finding shots of a Scotsman in a kilt and light coloured jumper and a Dandy sword fighting in an appropriate room? Wrong! I was pointed towards an episode of The Avengers called Castle De'Ath where Steed is dressed in a kilt and even has a very similar jumper and the room looked almost identical! The guy he was fighting unfortunately also had a kilt on but beggars can't be choosers and several screen captures were taken and the offending kilt edited out and occasionally shots of Terrall's face edited in. I even managed to use a clip of Steed ducking a swinging sword. I was already quite happy with this scene when we realized that photos of rehersals of The Sea Devils with Jon Pertwee sword fighting Roger Delgado could be used for close up shots of the swords as they had appropriate sleeves on. Overall this gave me plenty of material for the scene and it was actually surprisingly easy to do.




The scenes of the humanized Daleks at the end of the episode were quite interesting. We listened to the audio many many times trying to work out which noise was which and Stuart made several different renders of these scenes as I realized I had got a noise wrong. Sorry, Stuart!

The scenes at the end where the Doctor is being carried by the Dalek were again filmed at Grims Dyke and had Dean inside the Dalek with me grabbing hold of the back trying to balance it whilst the very light Tony Clark climbed on the front in his Doctor outfit.

In other shots for this episode we found a decanter to match the one Terrall uses and took a photo of it. We also found a jewel similar to the one Maxtible uses to hypnotise Mollie and filmed it. I took a photo of a small box with wires coming out of it for the box the Doctor produces from Terrall's neck. A bent piece of copper pipe was used to represent the steel bar Kemel had bent.