The Making of The Evil of the Daleks
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TEotD...
Episode 6





The start of Episode 6 was the famous "trains" scene. I realised that provided these were shot from the waist down they would look good in CGI. Stuart produced these and they were mixed in with filmed shots.

The shots where the Doctor marks Alpha, Beta and Omega caused great confusion as we realized they had to be marked in a certain order. Of course we didn't know exactly which symbols were used so we used appropriate Greek symbols. However these scenes produced a few interesting anomalies. Firstly, we looked at the telesnaps on the BBC website for a quick reference to see if any scenes showing the appropriate markings were visible but they were not. However when we were printing out our own copies of the telesnaps there was quite clearly a visible "Alpha" symbol. Rechecking the BBC site again and examining the telesnaps more closely, it was quite clear their over enthusiastic restorer had seen the alpha symbol on the Dalek casing and painted it out, mistaking it for a scratch on the telesnap!

The other oddity was related to the "pupil" in the Dalek eye, this being the first story in which it appeared. We assumed that the humanized Daleks had the pupil, but on closer examination of the telesnaps when linked with the audio this isn't the case; the pupil seems to be random, sometimes on a normal Dalek, sometimes a humanized one. We have no idea why this is the case, but maybe it was originally intended to be for the humanized ones but they mixed the props up. Unfortunately we didn't realize this until after Stuart had rendered most of the early scenes for this episode, and we then worked out which Daleks had a definite pupil or lack of, jiggled the filmed footage to match and Stuart redid them with the pupil adjusted.




This episode also provided many opportunities for very long clips of CGI, some over a minute. These mostly involved Daleks and were extremely tedious to create. I had to map out exact positions Daleks had to be in at certain times and the exact times to the frame that lights came on and went off. Stuart then had to input this into his CGI software. I don't think either of us ever wants to see another Dalek talking again!




I was also happy with the events leading up to the explosion of Maxtible's house. A composite of Jamie and the Doctor taking the teleport equipment out from an alcove I think works very well and this was created from different screen captures from Episode 2 as was the shot of Waterfield, the Doctor and Jamie disappearing, though the background here was a photo of a genuine Grims Dyke wooden panel!




The Dalek bomb exploding was overlaid with explosion clips and the final explosion was the oft used Loose Cannon explosion obtained from an episode of Horizon. This then peaked to white and was cross faded into a shot of a light in the cell as per the camera script. This was then panned out to show the room in a great shot by Stuart.

Another question that arose was when the camera script suggested Kemel washed a cloth in a bowl. I missed the obvious and had to ask the guys what they thought a Dalek bowl would look like to be told the same as in The Daleks/The Mutants!




Another CGI shot I really liked was of the Dalek emerging from the shadows. It was clear the Dalek spoke whilst in the shadows so only its lights would be visible and I couldn't resist the urge to ask Stuart to do this in the style of the new series episode Dalek, with the Dalek then emerging from the dark.

A shot we found interesting was of a Dalek being pushed off a cliff by the Doctor. We found a replica of a 1960's Louis Marx Dalek and filmed it dropping against a green screen. This was then composited over an appropriate telesnap and explosion and smoke overlays added.