The Making of The Evil of the Daleks
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TEotD...
Episode 7





We realised very early on that Episode 7 would have by far the largest amount of movement in a recon so far - shots of the Dalek planet are a gift for CGI, and with the cine film also in existence the episode looked as if it would be quite exciting.

Early scenes in the episode included CGI of the Emperor and of the Dalek workshop produced by Stuart, as were the shots of the transmutation machine. We were unsure how to handle the transformation of characters whilst in the machine and after much playing with filters came up with something we were reasonably happy with. This machine also caused some debate as to the positioning of the rooms, which we eventually worked out.




A nice composite was of a photo of the Doctor from The Power of the Daleks playing his recorder. This was cut out and placed on an Evil style background.

The scene where the Doctor places a capsule into the archway also had close ups made by Stuart and these were composited into a telesnap to give us an "open" and closed" option

Another clip I liked was a shot of the Doctor winking over a Dalek's shoulder. This is from The Underwater Menace and is of the Doctor closing an eye, which I then duplicated and reversed. An Evil-style background and a Dalek created by Stuart were matted over the top.




Whilst the first part of the episode contained large amounts of CGI, I had decided that, where possible, at the end of the episode I would use the cine film. In addition to this film there is an "existing" clip which shows some Louis Marx Daleks being released from some hands and passing over the model floor. Unfortunately we only had a really poor quality version of this clip, though we did have a copy of 14 frames of very similar film courtesy of Tony Clark, who had rescued them from Michaeljohn Harris' desk where he had been using them as a toothpick! The clip that exists has a very slight jump in it and I believe the first seven of Tony's frames actually plug this gap. The second seven come after the existing clip but there is a gap first, and presumably the still missing frames are long gone with the contents of Michaeljohn's teeth! There is some debate as to whether this clip is actually part of the episode or an unused clip, and whilst I cannot be sure, my opinion is that it is an unused clip, though it still remained my best option.

Unable to track down a better quality version of the footage, I went back to Tony's frames and created two Daleks and a clean background. I assembled the existing clip, plugging the gap with Tony's first 7 frames and leaving what I thought was a suitable gap adding the final 7 frames. I then took the two Dalek cut outs and panned them with the movement matching the original and extended the clip slightly more by continuing the movement at the same speed and in the same direction. I then attempted to replicate the smoke effects as seen on the original clip. Overall I think this is preferable to the low quality clip with a jump. Whoever has the original film of the existing clip, if you are reading this, Tony Clark can potentially plug your 7-frame gap!




Next came several shots of the cine film. I spent quite a while editing these to match the audio. I had decided that, as these were not actually from the episode, I could take more liberties than normal with adding effects and altering them. The first example of this is the shot where a Dalek is pulled apart at the top of the skirt and the dome. The original clip of this was pretty useless so I froze the frame at the point it was most split, added a sparking effect at the top of the skirt and a fire effect at the dome, added a smoke effect and turned the picture negative to make a great Dalek being shot. At this point I also took a shot of a Dalek with its dome removed, zoomed out the camera and added an explosion effect timed to the soundtrack.




After this came a montage of shots from The Chase. These were close ups of Dalek guns and a sequence of Daleks firing and being burnt, as well as some explosions. The original shots in The Chase featured animated explosions, but I replaced these with real ones and also added in a few shots from The Power of the Daleks of model Daleks exploding. These were tied in with shots of the Dalek Emperor to which I added explosion effects to time with the soundtrack. At the end of this sequence I used a clip of some Louis Marx Daleks and a scene of a Dalek exploding and the Emperor being engulfed in smoke, which timed really well to the soundtrack. I think this sequence works incredibly well and must be quite similar to what was originally shown on screen.




Another shot I was happy with which came later was the model shot of the city beginning to burn. I had a shot which I managed to partially stabilise then tracked fire and explosions onto.




And finally the very last shot of the episode: the camera script indicated this was a shot of a burning Dalek Emperor with a single Dalek which raised its eye stalk. There was nothing in the cine film to cover this shot and I did consider asking Stuart to do it in CGI but, after such a long run of actual footage, I was keen to end the story in a similar vein. I realized there was a great photo of the wrecked room and, having used none of the photos of the Emperor to this point, decided to try to animate it by adding smoke overlays and a layer of fire inside the Emperor. I painted the Dalek's eyestalk out of the shot and overlaid this and pivoted it at an appropriate point in the shot.