The Making of The Evil of the Daleks
By Russ Port, Dean Rose & Stuart Palmer


Russ Port Talks us Through the Making of TEotD...





I imagine several of the readers here will be wondering why on earth we have a Making Of page for The Evil of the Daleks. After all, such features have always previously only been bestowed on stories for which no telesnaps exist and there is an interesting story to tell about how we created scenes.

Evil has a positive wealth of material available - not only a full set of John Cura telesnaps, but a reasonably large amount of photos, an existing episode and even some home cinema footage of the Dalek battle courtesy of Tony Cornell's 8mm camera. Surely it was just a case of putting the telesnaps in order and adding in a few extras where they are available?




However, when you begin to look at the story in detail, you firstly realise how many scenes there are that are tricky to reconstruct, such as sword fights, rope climbing, fighting scenes, indeed many scenes with no real dialogue at all (and with a mute character to boot!). This type of scene is always the hardest to reconstruct in an entertaining manner, and it was clear from the early planning stages that many of the scenes would take quite a lot of work. The next thing you notice is how badly the telesnaps represent the action., There are several short scenes which have one or no telesnaps existing; even long scenes sometimes have very few, and I strongly suspect John Cura may have had a sudden urge for a cup of tea whilst taking the telesnaps for Evil and missed whole minutes whilst putting his kettle on! For example, Bob Hall, who features quite heavily in the first episode, has very little presence on the telesnaps. Of the photos which exist, a few were useful but the majority were shots of model Daleks and the Emperor, which could clearly be done in CGI anyway (or are repeated in the cine film), and of Victoria in very staged poses in settings totally unrelated to the story, so we were aware far more would be needed than for a normal telesnap story.




In addition to this, we realised many scenes could be enhanced by re-filming them, and this led to a few interesting stories such as one team member almost dressing as a woman, us wandering through an upper crust hotel with a Dalek, and the Loose Cannon team being more popular than Manchester United, so we thought it would make an interesting Making Of feature!