Loose Cannon Production 19
The Invasion
"The world is weak, vulnerable, a mess of uncoordinated and impossible ideals.
It needs a strong single mind, a leader."

BBC Production Details
Production Code: VV
Original Transmission (UK): Saturday 02 November 1968 -
Saturday 21 December 1968
Season: 6
Number of Episodes: 8
Writer: Derrick Sherwin
Producer: Peter Bryant
Director: Douglas Camfield

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Loose Cannon Production Details
Production Release Date: Feb 2003
Episode(s) Reconstructed: Episodes 1,4
Source Material: No telesnaps exist for this story
Audio recorded by Richard Landen and David Butler
  There are no surviving clips for this story
Other authentic pictures
  Composite pictures
Pictures from other stories / sources
Specially Created Material
Specially Created Material

Bonus Material

As well as the reconstruction we are able to bring you the following goodies…


Celebrity Introduction

We were honoured to have an exclusive introduction provided by Tobias Vaughn, the managing director of International Electromatics.
Retired actor Kevin Stoney very kindly provides the introduction to the Invasion recon. Learn more about Kevin's work in our Hall of Fame...


Production Featurette

As part of the introduction is a short production featurette which outlines some of the background events about the original production of the Invasion in 1968. This feature is also narrated by Kevin Stoney and is illustrated by a wealth of photographs some of which are previously unpublished.


Celebrity Interview

Our interview with Kevin Stoney was an exceptional one. He is a great story teller and we wanted to do his interview justice by doing something a little bit special. We have been collating many of Kevin's film and television appearances and have structured the interview so that it is intersperced with various clips. This really is a wonderful tape extra.


Bonus Extra

Also included in the tape is a re-enactment of the infamous scene from Invasion of Cybermen descending the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. This was reshot 25 years after the original and accurately replicates the original camera angles.


Special Note:  

Please be aware that the surviving episodes (2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8) were released on BBC video the UK release (UK: BBCV 4974) has long since been deleted from sales but the US version (US: BBCV8251) is still available and the NTSC format plays in most modern VCRs. A PAL format version is still available from Australia.
Please purchase this official BBC video release to complement our reconstruction as the surviving episodes are not included on the recon.

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Loose Cannon Says:

Despite there being only two missing episodes, the Invasion reconstruction was actually very difficult to complete. With no telesnaps known to exist for the missing episodes the reconstruction material consists almost entirely of composite images. There are some very long scenes with no dialogue and lots of action which are always the trickiest to do when reconstructing. As usual we have tried to be as accurate as possible with correct actors and costumes for scenes.

We were delighted when Kevin Stoney agreed to help out with recording material for the reconstruction. The running time of the interview is actually far longer than we expected. We have therefore decided not to include the surviving episodes with this recon in order to keep it to a single tape. Kevin is a delightful man and we wanted to do something special for his interview. In reality this actually meant that the tape extras took longer to compile than the reconstruction but we hope you will agree that it was worth the wait.


After escaping near destruction the TARDIS materialises deep in the English countryside. Taking advantage of their location the Doctor proposes a visit to his old acquaintance Professor Travers. On finding him away, they befriend a young girl named Isobel whose uncle Professor Watkins has gone missing.

Offering to help the search for the Professor leads the Doctor to the London headquarters of International Electromatics, the world's leading supplier of electronic equipment, and a meeting with its managing director Tobias Vaughn.

The Doctor's initial suspicions about Vaughn are confirmed when reacquainted with the now promoted Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. There is obviously more to the situation than meets the eye.


Review by Daniel Boudreault

The reconstruction of the missing episodes are great and even fit in a moving portion of the Mind Robber to duplicate a missing portion of The Invasion which fits in well…

As to the interview and talk on the making of The Invasion it is wonderful. Someone took care to have a simple background for the interview so less distractions and wonderful cut aways to selections of Kevin Stoney's career. Although the interview ran longer than Loose Cannon expected it is never boring and Kevin is always charming and its always focused that the interview doesn't wander so great interview…

Also the color remake of the Cybermen march is a nice touch.


Review by Daniel Squire

I am very fond of The Invasion. In my opinion it is arguably the best Cybermen story of them all. Having said that, I will leave the debate for another day and concentate on the Loose Cannon reconstruction of the two missing episodes and also, the interview with Kevin Stoney.

Loose Cannon makes it much easier to enjoy this story with their reconstructions of Episodes One and Four. Screen grabs and some moving images from the existing episodes are used along with new composite images. The composites are at times incredible! The LC team keeps getting better at this sort of thing and it really shows here. The audio is of the same good quality of other recent recons with no major defects.

I put the offical release in one VCR and the recon in the other. I could then switch back and forth almost seamlessly with my remotes without having to switch tapes. It's nice to finally have The Invasion to enjoy from start to finish, and the Loose Cannon team have my thanks.

As to the Kevin Stoney portion of the programme, what can I say? The man is amazing! What a career, what a life, what a guy! The clips from his career really make the interview complete. I wish this interview had been out when I first bought the official release of The Invasion, it took me two days to figure out what else I'd seen him in (The Prisoner). This a fun and facinating interview with a real show biz trooper. May we all have a light that bright in the attic when we reach his age.


Review by Justin Barnes

The latest recon by LC, The Invasion, is very well put together given the material they don't have for this story - it's great and goes well with the offical BBC release (It's nice to finally see the missing episodes)... Everytime I receive a new recon LC leave me wanting more and rewatching previous ones as well. They keep getting better everytime. My dream to one day see the Dalek Masterplan I know will come true thanks to Loose Cannon. I rate the Invasion 5*. Bravo LC!


Review by Corey Charette

LC has come a long way. The effects in these two episodes were superb. Small visual effects, like the gas coming in through the vent really helped to enhance this story. The images were crisp and seemed to fit flawlessly into the story.

This video compliments the official BBC release and makes buying that, worth every cent!

And just because they only reconstructed the 2 episodes that were missing, you don't get short-changed. All the bonuses that come along on the tape make it a very enjoyable experience.


This makes me want LC to have the next RECON out NOW!!!!! SUPERB JOB FELLAS!


Review by Marc Cameron

As we all know this recon covers the first and fourth episodes only as the rest have been released by BBC video in a 1993 release with links by Nicholas Courtney to cover the gaps. To those like me who have been used to the old version for 10 years this release is a major eye opener!

There are no telesnaps for these missing episode but six remaining episodes to provide sources for many composite pictures. To the episodes themselves then. Well what can I say? Episode 1 is quite frankly one of the best episodes I have ever come across. It is dripping with atmosphere, paced to perfection and scored brilliantly. The pictures match up to the soundtrack perfectly and help this episode enormously. If these are composites I cannot believe how good they are. If someone reading this has the fabled poor quality, no sound version of episode 1 rumoured to exist hand it over now! I want to see it!

Episode 4 on the other hand, whilst being brilliantly reconstructed is not as essential to the plot. The reconstruction easily is as good as having this episode in place. That said I would still like to see it if anyone has it!

The introduction and featurette are good additions helping add value to this 'free' package for those who would have liked the episodes included. I enjoyed the 1993 restage of the Cyber march but unfortunately my video or tape wasn't so keen on Kevin Stoney's feature and chewed part of the tape up. A real pity and I don't feel I could comment on it except to say I fully expect it to be brilliant!

Overall another triumph really. I hate to sound like a sycophant but it is that darn good! It took me about 4 years from when I first heard about the recons until I ordered one. If you are reading this and have not seen any, don't make the same mistake! Thanks to all the guys involved.


Review by Steve Hatcher

The Invasion has been reconstructed before, some years ago, by the late Michael Palmer. However, this earlier version did not benefit from the superb reconstructive technique that Michael developed in his later reconstruction work, and which now typifies the Loose Cannon releases. In particular, the wealth of beautifully created composite images, and the intelligent and imaginative use of material from the existing episodes makes it difficult to remember that this is a story for which telesnaps do not exist. Without disrespect to Michael Palmer, this reconstruction is an immense improvement on the earlier version.

Extraordinary though the reconstructed episodes are however, they are almost entirely upstaged by the contribution of Kevin Stoney. The actor behind the two most memorable human Who villains of the 1960s, reveals himself to be a charming and tremendously genial man, who is clearly both delighted and mystified by interest in work that he did over 35 years ago.

For the interview alone, this is simply a "must see" release.

This is an edited version of a review which first appeared in Shockeye's Snack Bite 13, March 2003 www.shockeye.org.uk


Review by Gerry Briody

Having seen the previous resonstruction of these episodes I must agree with the previous reviewer that this is a significant improvement.This is not to disparage the earlier effort which was pretty good but the LC team (obviously with the benefit of a lot of hindsight and experience) have managed to construct a much clearer version of the story, particularly through the use of composites.Parts of the previous recon seemed a bit vague but this one does not.

The extras are all excellent particularly the delightful interview with Kevin Stoney.I think your'e spoiling us.

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