Loose Cannon Production 20
The Daleks' Master Plan
"I'm afraid my friends that the Daleks have won."

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Please note that Loose Cannon have no intention of trying to source and include the recently discovered episode in this reconstruction. The recon stands as originally released before the find. See below.

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BBC Production Details
Production Code: V
Original Transmission (UK): Saturday 13 November 1965 -
Saturday 29 January 1966
Season: 3
Number of Episodes: 12
Writer: Terry Nation (1-5,7) & Dennis Spooner (6,8-12)
Producer: John Wiles
Director: Douglas Camfield

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Loose Cannon Production Details
Production Release Date: Dec 2003
Episode(s) Reconstructed: Episodes 1-4, 6-9, 11-12
Source Material:

No telesnaps exist for this story.
However, a member of the cast took off-air photographs of episode 7 - "The Feast of Steven."

Audio recorded by David Holman, Graham Strong and Richard Landen
  Surviving clips
Other authentic pictures
  Composite pictures
  CGI (Computer Generated Images)
Pictures from other stories / sources
Specially created material
Tape length required: UK / Australia: 2 tapes each E180
USA / Canada: 2 tapes each T160

Making the Reconstructions:

For this story we are able to offer you more than one 'making of' feature. The reconstruction of The Daleks' Master Plan was a massive project which took over a year to complete. This article goes into some detail about how we reconstructed the story Click here to learn more...***WARNING this article contains spoilers***

In addition, Daleks' Master Plan is the first reconstruction to feature computer generated images. Two 3D modellers have been involved in this project; Chris Petts and Stuart Palmer. Read about Stuart's experience of working with the LC team by clicking on the following links - Stuart's making of article. ***WARNING this article contains spoilers***
For further reading Chris has his own website at www.chrispetts.com.


Bonus Material

As well as the reconstruction we are able to bring you the following goodies…


Celebrity Introduction (Tapes 1 & 2)

We were honoured to have an exclusive introduction provided by Mavic Chen, Guardian of the Solar System.
Retired actor Kevin Stoney very kindly provides the introduction to the Daleks' Master Plan recon. Learn more about Kevin's work in our Hall of Fame...


Production Featurette (Tape 1)

A brief factual introduction to the story by Edward de Souza (Marc Cory). Learn more about Edward's work in our Hall of Fame...


Celebrity Interview (Tape 1)

An interview with Jean Marsh. Learn more about Jean's work in our Hall of Fame...


Bonus Feature (Tape 2)
Terry Nation's "The Destroyers"

Also, we are delighted to be able to bring you a special feature, consisting of a production featurette and mini-construction, of Terry Nation's proposed Dalek spin-off series. Researched and produced by Stuart Palmer, it is narrated by Edward de Souza. Learn more about Edward's work in our Hall of Fame...


Special Note:  

Let's be clear about this. The BBC have released a wonderful DVD called "Doctor Who: Lost in Time" which features the surviving episodes of this story lovingly restored. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY we will be issuing copies of these with the recon, nor (whilst we're at it) will we ever make the recon episodes available in any format other than VHS.
Loose Cannon fully support the BBC and suggest you purchase the official BBC video release to complement our reconstruction.

Support The BBC Video Releases.

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In January 2004, just weeks after Loose Cannon released this mammoth reconstruction, episode two of DMP (Day of Armageddon) was safely returned to the BBC.
Naturally we are all delighted by this discovery and not at all bothered by all the hard work that went into the reconstruction of this episode. Bah!

The episode has not been released commercially and we are not aware of any plans to do so. Loose Cannon do not intend to include this recovered episode - the LC release will stay with the reconstructed version.

This find also marks a first, as never before has an episode been discovered after a reconstruction. One day maybe you will be able to compare the original episode alongside the reconstructed version and see just how near to the original Loose Cannon are.

Please also note that the BBC have included some screen shots of Day of Armageddon on their site so you may, in part, be able to make a comparison.

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Please note recons are ONLY available on VHS quality.


Loose Cannon Says:

The Daleks' Master Plan has always been the most requested Doctor Who story to be represented in the form of a reconstruction. However, we must admit that we found the thought of reconstructing ten episodes quite daunting. Especially when you consider the quantity of existing source material and the amount of time it needs to cover. For example, being one of the best known Dalek stories there is actually suprisingly little photographic material of Daleks for this story! This was one of the reasons that we looked for alternative ways to represent this story. As well as our usual techniques for the first time ever in a reconstruction computer generated images (CGI) have been used.

In addition to CGI, this reconstruction also sees a few technological advances in production. The Hartnell font set has been recreated to make the episode captions and closing credits even more authentic. We've also changed our rendering process to achieve wonderfully smooth caption scrolls, pans and zooms. Finally, the reconstructed episodes see a new mastering process which should ensure that the reconstructions reach you with minimum loss of quality.

There is no doubt that The Daleks' Master Plan is a classic Hartnell story and we hope that our representation of it will allow viewers once again to enjoy this wonderful piece of Doctor Who history.


The TARDIS lands the Doctor, Katarina and the wounded Steven on the planet Kembel, where they meet Space Security Service agent Bret Vyon who has been sent in search of his missing colleague Marc Cory. The Doctor learns of the Daleks' plans to form an alliance with the Outer Galaxies to conquer the Solar System. He also discovers they have a new ally - Mavic Chen, Guardian of the Solar System, who has provided them with the vital mineral needed to complete their new weapon, the Time Destructor...


Review by David Wallington

Prior to watching the recon, my only experience of this story were hazy memories of reading John Peel's novelization and seeing the remaining episodes on the Lost In Time DVD. Wow! A story that has suddenly gone up in my estimation thanks to the brilliant recon. The odd episodes suddenly made sense as a whole story and I watched the last half of the story over a twenty four period.

The lack of available material for the episodes was more than made up for by the clever use of other sources and original filmed sequences. The Daleks were excellent and I also watched Day Of Armageddon as a recon as well as the full episode. The final few minutes of Destruction Of Time were excellent and I realized how little I actually knew of the story as it closed.

Roll on the next one - here's hoping for The Web Of Fear or The Wheel In Space in the near future. In the meantime, Marco Polo beckons from my video shelf...


Review by John Saltzburg

I saw the existing footage and episodes on Lost in Time before I saw the reconstruction by LC. They have done a great job to keep the photos fresh and the movement of the players in several shots is amazing. I especially loved the Feast of Steven and this will be part of my annual Christmas Dr Who viewing from here on. At times the story itself is a little long (through no fault of LC it was the BBC who made it 12 parts) but LC makes it fun and wathcable. The Destroyers is clever and a great way to use existing photos to the max. and Kevin Stoney is very funny in his introduction of Tape 2.


Review by Steve Woolfall

What a way to see in 2004 !
Huge congratulations must go to Rick, Dean, Derek and the whole team for their best and most professional recon to date.
Seriously, DMP is a masterpiece. I watched it all in one sitting and the time flew by. The quality and clarity of the images is 100%, the CGI Daleks allow for several stunning set pieces and I was surprised by the amount of existing clips which make the early episodes come alive.
It's difficult to choose a favourite episode. Episode 1 starts the whole thing off brilliantly while the final episode is stunning. However, it has to be the infamous episode 7 that steals the show. The most difficult and elusive episode can finally be watched in all its comic glory.
'The Daleks: The Destroyers' is a touch of yesteryear and shows what an exciting series we could have watched.
Loved the Jean Marsh interview. Her thoughts on Sara were interesting and I wonder whether Terry Nation really could have persuaded her to reprise the role ?

Well done guys. The Masterplan is your crowning Masterpiece.

Cheers, Steve


Review by Chris Longhurst

Thanks team - another great reconstruction. The last two episodes of DMP have clearly had a lot of extra work put into them and it pays off. The quality is actually better than the (unrestored) 10th episode and the pace never lets up. Outstanding !

Episode 7 - the 'Feast of Steven' is as embarrassing as I remember it as teenager when watching it with my parents; good reconstruction though.

Audio was also good and clear (once I had remembered to switch my VCR from stereo to mono!).

Considering that no telesnaps exist this is a remarkable achievement & surpasses my previous favourite reconstruction - Marco Polo.

Thanks again - Chris


Review by John Harkett

So real you think you must be there! Sadly not on the full screen, but the daleks are definitely back, and a more fitting tribute to the fortieth anniversary I can't imagine.

The Daleks' Master Plan truly deserves its classic status with stirling performances from both the regulars and the guest performers, most notably Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom (the companion that should have been), and Kevin Stoney as Mavic Chen, who I believe was voted villain of the year in the Daily Mail at the time. Above all though the daleks' calculating and ruthless villainy shine through as they scheme and betray their way to galatic mastery...well almost! With galactic councils pyroflames, randomisers, magnetic beams, pursuit ships and the time destructor itself, it's as close to the TV21 comic strip as the TV series ever got and a far cry from the 3 battered props skulking in a studio we usually associate with their adventures.
Anyone who thinks the story drags at 13 episodes (including Mission to the Unknown) clearly hasn't seen it. I watched it all in one setting and was mesmerised. From the jungles of Kembel to the gleaming Earth research station and back again via Desperus, Mira and ancient Egypt this is adventure on an epic scale which even the often derided Feast of Steven fails to diminish. For me the high point has to be the climax to the last episode, The Death of Time. I defy anybody not to be overwhelmed by the Doctor and Sarah fighting their way to the safety of the Tardis through the howling winds whipped up by the time destructor and Sara's tragic demise - aged to death and then dust in seconds by its effects. Powerful stuff!
Of course, none of this would have possible to watch and enjoy without the sterling efforts of Rick, Derek and Dean, and boy did they come up with the goods! Who needs telesnaps when you've got CGI daleks and the most imaginative and creative use of what little visual material there is. DMP sets a new high in quality that leaves every other recon in the shade. Top stuff, guys! I can't wait for the next one...


Review by Nick Mellish

Well, what can I say that has not already been said? Err...it was rubbish. Worst recon yet. Waste of your time and ours. Of course, if I were to actually say any of those things, I would be lying through my teeth!
It was great- the recon was outstanding, the story it self was amazing, the Feast Of Steven was truly awful and isn't the last episode perhaps the greatest Hartnell we cannot see? Thanks to everybody involved- it was great!


Review by Mike Fuller

By the end of the Loose Cannon reconstruction of the Dalek Masterplan, I could not help but wonder, as I always do, what kind of an idiot organization the BBC really were/are. Here is an example of perfectly great story (and it really does stretch over the 12 episodes very well) gone forever just because they needed some blank tape and were too busy to check the film library in the early 70s. Though it does contain the usual assortment of hilarious Hartnell flubs ("Magic Chen" being my favorite), there is definitely a seriousness and energy working the plot along towards its final and devistating conclusion.

This is also, along with Marco Polo, the finest reconstruction I have ever seen. There were very few moments when I felt bored with static images and the new computer generated effects were fab (and I wish there had been more of them.)

The final cherry, as they say, is the reconstruction of the pilot Dalek's series "The Destroyers." This just flat-out was great! I'm not sure that the show would have worked in the 60s, but I'd like to see it (a la Retro styled) NOW.

Loose Cannon rules. Make no mistake.


Review by Marc Taylor

Incredible... Amazing... Wonderful... Excellent...

Can anyone who's seen this recon honestly say that any of those words is able to accurately describe this recon of The Daleks' Master Plan? I would suggest not. Not only is this the clearest quality reconstruction I have ever seen but it is also the most professional, well devised piece of work to date. The images used in some the composites were recognisable (to me at least) but that was the only reason in many cases that I noticed they were composites at all. The CGI is absolutely fantastic. The realism is unmatched. Soooo much detail.

All this with little or no material to work with. Thanks Loose Cannon for the simply the finest Reconstruction I have ever seen. If I were at Gallifrey One in February, I would be first inline to buy Rick a drink. :)

Rick, Derek, Dean, Chris, Stuart... I'll raise a drink to you all tonight when I am out and about.



Review by Gerry Briody

Well, I've just finished watching Master Plan for the second time in the space of a week. It's a very enjoyable story which doesn't drag all that much even during the sillier bits. I must admit that I skipped The Feast of Steven this time around but it's not really part of the story anyway - it's a Dr Who Xmas pantomime.The Galactic council are a pretty pathetic bunch and that guy in the tiered hat looks really silly.
I think that the interest in the story is well maintained up to the very end and the last episode
must be one of the most dramatic and poignant ever in Dr Who.

As for the recon, generally it's excellent and it would be difficult to name a major flaw. The animated Daleks are great and really help to bring the recon to life -particularly in the last episode. There's a bit of animation at the start of the last episode which looks so real that it could be a clip from the TV. I also think that Sara's death scene is really well done and shows how shocking it must have been on original transmission. Anyway,thanks for all your hard work and a superlative effort.


Review by Kenneth Black

It's 1:45 in the morning and I've just finished watching The Daleks' Master Plan recon. All in one sitting save for a short break between tapes!

This is the lustrous jewel in LC's crown of recon achievements. CGI is spectacular, audio faultless and composite pictures blend in so well as to not be recognized as such. I could go on.

The ONLY problem is that the story is not quite as interesting as I'd hoped. Not to fear, though. I will watch again if only to marvel at its exquisite existence.


Review by Rob Bradley

I've just watched The Daleks' Master Plan and it is stunning. Absolutely stunning! An incredible amount of work must have gone into this. You guys at Loose Cannon have again achieved the impossible.....Master Plan is back, it is no longer 'a missing story'. How can it be, when there it is up on the screen for all to see?

And now, to top it all off, just a week after receiving my copy, I learn that the BBC have recovered Episode 2 'Day of Armageddon'. What bad timing! Will Loose Cannon be including this episode in their recon when it becomes available? It will be interesting to see how close the recon got to how the scenes actually looked. I'm afraid some of the others were not quite how I remembered them...Mavic Chen's extermination in Episode 12 did not look like the recon, for example. It was still good though.

Your reconstruction of the infamous 'Feast of Steven' was a highlight. I cannot remember anything about this episode, but I had to laugh at the animated scene with Steven being chased by the Keystone Kops, and the image used for Professor Webster at the end of the episode is a shot of William Hartnell from the film 'This Sporting Life' (nice in-joke there).

All in all, a brilliant effort - my fave recon yet along with 'Marco Polo'. Keep up the good work...you guys are truly keeping the spirit of missing 'Doctor Who' alive (at least until all the missing episodes turn up - hope springs eternal!).


Review by Daniel Boudreault

One of the better Dalek stories of the early Doctors. It is sad that most of this story is missing while "The Chase" is fully intact... "Daleks' Master Plan" captures the spirit and quality and freshness of the first Dalek story....

Rick, Dean, and Derek should be applauded for not only was this a great reconstruction it was also very slick... There is a huge body count but why this story got limited distribution shows some poor judgment calls that may have lead to the series stories getting weaker to satisfy wider distribution over better quality. Most of the story is excellent and the one episode which is below standard (The Feast of STeven) is on par with "The Chase".

"Daleks' Master Plan" is well done, well conceived, well executed. This is one of the more exciting missing stories. The Daleks become supreme again in this story after their stint of silliness in "The Chase" setting the standard back to higher standards which also followed in "The Power Of The Daleks" which Rick, Dean, and Derek also made an excellent reconstruction for. This reconstruction is easy to watch straight through. Great work guys!


Review by Duncan Campbell

Just finished watching The Daleks Masterplan in one sitting. Didn't mean to, it just happened. It doesn't get better than this. Master Plan is one of my favourite stories of all time. Despite the fact that it loses it's way for three episodes in the middle, this is more than made up for by eps 10 - 12. The reconstruction on Ep 12 is stunning. The effect of the time destructor at work came across fantastically - I have never got this involved in a recon before. If you haven't got it - get it!

"The Destroyers" is a nice bit of fun.

In a word, brilliant.


Review by Steve Reynolds

Well i must say that this is a brilliant story. Big props to the guys at Loose Cannon, it was good to finally see a lost classic. Top notch pics you guys. Great job.


Review by Justin Barnes

Well like many others have said, "what can be said?" DMP was just awesome, I watched all as soon as I received it, 6 hours people - 6 glorious hours. I just cannot believe what a wonderful job LC has done...

Anyway DMP is unbelieveable, when viewing it just when you think LC can't do any better, they just blow your socks off. I couldn't believe I sat on the edge of my seat for 6hrs,unbelieveable I was hooked,I want to watch it again,and again.

Big congradulation to LC, you guys just outdid yourselves. I really really appreicate what you do, and I think you guys should be running the DW Restoration Team. Even though episode 2 of DMP was recovered your version still just blew me away when the Daleks came out from behind the TARDIS, my mouth was on the floor!

Well enough jabber from me, LC you deserve a big break so enjoy and look forward to whatever is next to come! First you got me with Marco Polo, now DMP, keep them coming...


Review by Paul Fairclough

Finally got around to watching this reconstruction after having it for a couple off weeks, it was well worth the wait. The picture and sound quality is superb and The CGI Daleks look and move great. Previously I had only seen Episodes 5 and 10 from Daleks The Early Years, so this was a real treat. It is also brilliant news that Missing Episode 2 has now been discovered and soon I will be able to compare this to the reconbstruction of this episode. I am sure it will look pretty much the same as the episode which has been returned to The BBC.


Review by Charlie Day

Amazing. The work put into this reconstruction is astonishing. The CGI was breathtaking, it blended so well with the existing material. After a few minutes you lose yourself in the story and easily "forget" that it is a reconstruction. This is truly the pinnacle of Loose Cannon's work. I've listened to the story on audio from the BBC, but it truly can't compare with how this reconstruction brings to life a classic story.


Review by Matthew Bennett

As a die-hard fan who has now had countless arguments leading to 'pistols at dawn' with 'traditionalist' fans, this recon is a perfect example of how to do a good job with all of the resources available, plus a great deal of immagination and dedication.

Saying this, you have stuck remarkably closely to how I imagine the camera script looked and how the director would have shot the story (although a few more 2-shots, and CU's followed by 'noddies' wouldn't go amiss). I would now like to see different camera heights used as at present you are level with the actor's eyeline as would normally be done for establishing shots and group shots, but as can be seen from the returned episode 2, camera heights were varied and some cameras were in close.

It was ironic that episode 2 turned up not long after this recon was made available but it will give us a unique opportunity - to compare your recon of ep2 to the original, and as I thought, you were about 100% correct on your decisions (chuckled at the little things like the changes in the delegates' makeup, costume and in the case of Trantis even actor. Also silly things like the space for the missing delegate beng on the other side of Chen (I preferred your blocking to the original)). This not only justifies the decisions you have taken on compositing the manufactured pictures in other episodes but also vindicates your techniques.

The CGI sequences were excellent and broke up the story well. In particular I was entirely captivated by the final episode which hearkened to the atmosphere seen in the first Daleks episode and again in 'Evil of the Daleks'. Here, the 'braver' CGI attempts were seen and they worked.

As a media producer myself, I fully appreciate the painstaking weeks (and then some - Ed) which have been poured into this project. I tip my hat to you guys, and hope that you continue to push the boundaries of recon work.

Congratulations on thie fine piece of work.


Review by Layin Madhavan

What a pleasant way to kick off 2004! I have checked the internet to find that the Loose Cannon team have completed the Daleks' Masterplan reconstruction. I was shocked to say the least! I thought it will take a long time, but it is a lovely surprise. Not only that I have also have the added delight of hearing the news that part 2 of the story (The Day Of Armageddon) has been discovered - mere weeks after the Loose Cannon team have reconstructed it!

Anyway what a reconstruction it turned out to be. I don't know how these boys have gone and done it. I thought it would impossible. How times have changed. Derek Handley and Dean Rose have once again demonstrated their flair on Photoshop to produce a superb set of composite images. It was as if junking never happened! These days these boys couldn't make a bad reconstruction if their lives depended on it!

One thing I was particularly impressed with is the extensive CGI work that went with it. This enhanced the production even more and praise must be given to Chris Petts and Stuart Plamer for their excellent work - each of them proving a valuable addition to the Loose Cannon cause. Stuart in particular appears to have worked extremely hard.

In addition to this reconstruction we also have excellent interviews with Jean March and Kevin Stoney and the fantastic Destroyers episode. Who could ask for more! A fantastic achievement. Well done Rick, Dean, Derek, Chris and Stuart - please, please keep up the good work!


Review by Jeremy Morrow

Well we waited through all of 2003 for it, but it's finally here. The first ever recon of DMP - without telesnaps even. It's brilliant (of course) but also interesting because now we have a recon to compare against episode two, recovered soon after the release of the recon. The 3D work makes this one stand out and greatly helped a lot of crucial scenes. I can't imagine how painful the recon would have been able to make without them. Equally crucial were the efforts put into reshooting poses actors would have been in - without these it would have been next to impossible to convey what was going on. After watching The Massacre, I'm amazed that Loose Cannon were able to top it. However, I'm entirely convinced that this is the best recon they've ever made. If they plan on applying the techniques they used here towards future recon revamps (e.g. The Space Pirates), the future continues to look even brighter for fans of their recons. Oh and the invisible creatures being shot by daleks in the forest - absolutely brilliant.


Review by Matthew Boult

I particularly liked the details, such as the animated displays ('howl-around' & spinning spirals) in the Daleks' control room. Also, the Daleks' flashing lights as they spoke. The last episode with its CGI Daleks was terrific, and the dash back to the Tardis was very well done and a thrilling climax. The new filmed inserts fitted in very well. Well done Loose Cannon!


Review by Andrew Armstrong

Absolutely loved it - best recon yet. As with all things, you can pick small holes, my only complaint is the daleks didn't twitch enough in the first half of the recon, but by ep 12, they were real daleks.


Review by Bill Moser

As I commented for Marco Polo, this reconstruction probably surpasses the original in a number of areas. Having just viewed the first 6 episodes, I'm floored by the CGI. The computer-generated Daleks actually look better than the real ones in episode 5! There's even one very eerie scene, I think in episode 6, where I would swear that real Daleks are moving in front of a life-size cardboard cutout of Kevin Stoney. It isn't so, of course, but since the Daleks feature so heavily in this story, it's sometimes hard to remember it's a reconstruction. The abundant clips, vidcaps, and surviving episodes 5 and 10 easily cover the rest. Well done, LC!


Review by Christopher Thomson

Brilliant! It was absolutely excellent! I liked it when the CGI Daleks moved about. An excellent recon! "A good recon, for a good story". The Dalek weapons - as well others - were well done. I liked it when the Dalek goes out of control on Episode 6, 'Coronas Of The Sun', and kept firing when the mud was on it's eye.

I would just like to say thank you to Rick, Derek and Dean, for recreating an story missing for ages.


Review by Jack Rees

Wow! I've just finished watching The Daleks Master Plan after three sittings in one day, this is the first ever reconstruction I've seen and have been satisfied to order more! Daleks! 12 Episodes! Hartnell! The death of two companions! A cliffhanger with the Doctor wishing us all a Happy Christmas! What could any other Who fan ask for! The final showdown in episode 12 was breath-taking, I sat myself on the floor right in front of the TV to watch it! The Feast of Steven was a joy to watch, for the first time I have chuckled at the jokes made in Dr Who, the man in the police station talking about his greenhouse had me snorting with laughter. The Jean Marsh interview was brillant and 'The Destroyers' was excellent. 10/10. Outstanding reconstruction!


Review by Paul Davidson

My first encounter with The Daleks' Masterplan was in 1996, when I received a rather poor quality recording of the story on cassette. I was absolutely hooked and listened to all 12 episodes in one afternoon.

The BBC CDs followed, and while I always hoped for some kind of visual reconstruction for the missing episodes, I always thought a full reconstruction would be impossible due to the lack of photographs. How wrong I was. Loose Cannon have taken the reconstruction to new heights with what they have achieved in this. Animated Daleks, composite photographs of characters created by using pictures from other television programmes, and I love the way episode 7 has been brought to life so beautifully. Episode 12 is in my opinion one of the best Doctor Who episodes EVER, and the reconstruction brings it to life so well.

As a relative newcomer to recons, it still amazes me that that these can be obtained free. The amount of work that must have gone into this I cannot imagine, but I really appreciate what you have done, and look forward to the next one in the series.


Review by Michael Rose

On Saturday I recieved The Dalek MasterPlan and I proceeded to wacth it and it was fabulous from Episode 1 with the exception of The Feast Of Steven. The CG Daleks were fantastic and the sound quality was excellent and The Destroyers was great.
Good Job! Can't wait for the next one.


Review by Darren Jones

Cheap, shoddy, slapdash, poor quality and uninvolving! NONE! And I repeat NONE of these terms could be used to describe The Daleks' Masterplan. The audio was crisp and clear, the stills involving (and clearly show time, effort and, dare I say it, love involved in their construction) and the timing is spot on.
Who cares if the story doesn't evolve at 24fps (or 50 fields per sec) as it is easy to follow and the stills make it clear what is happening on screen.
My only gripe is that there isn't more of this story extant - damn the BBC for junking this story and leaving us with stories such as "The Web Planet" and "The Gunfighters" what a waste!

P.S. Why couldn't episode 2 have been recovered before you started your recon as it would have made an excellent addition? Some people have no timing!


Review by Matt Robinson

Absolutely brilliant! If this is the way the final few recons are going to be made, were in for a fabulous treat! Brilliant CGI Daleks and effects, I for one would have never believed that there are no telesnaps of this story, as the photo's used work so well in the recon. Lets hope the final Dalek recon Evil of the Daleks goes along the same road as this! 10/10!


Review by Steve Worek

At long last, I finally got my hands on the recon of "Master Plan". I decided to take the traditional approach - watch it in order with "Mission To The Unknown" first. I must say though, I'm disappointed - not with the reconstruction - but with the story.

The reconstruction is an easy 10 out of 10. Not knowing ahead of time about the lack of visual material for the 10 missing episodes, it was a sheer delight - I couldn't pick out a single composite. The CGI work is brilliant as well. The new clips with the animated Daleks look just as good, perhaps even better, than the existing story clips! "The Feast of Steven" is incredibly lifelike as well. Also, the Loose Cannon version of Episode 2 serves as a nice alternative to the legitimate version from "Lost In Time". This is probably *the* best LC set I've seen, and it's one that makes you completely forget that the pictures aren't moving. "The Destroyers" is also excellent, and perfectly captures the style of a 60's Sci-Fi show!!

As for the story itself, now I get to complain :-) An avid Doctor Who video collector I know recently told me that he noticed a trend in the Hartnell stories - they're boring. I know this will probably offend many, but sorry to say, I felt that "Master Plan" also suffered from this. (I actually fell asleep halfway through...) The story seemed like a repeat of "The Chase", except twice as long and not funny. I did, however, like "The Feast of Steven" - as someone born long after Doctor Who turned to ashes, I longed to see what the fuss was about! I give the story a 5 out of 10.

Overall though, another triumph for Loose Cannon - I can't wait until "Fury From The Deep"!


Review by Al Mancuso

All I can say is wow! I watched the whole thing in two sittings, and only then because it was late and I need to get to sleep. I had always thought that DMP was an over-rated classic, but to my suprise it was simply amazing. The recon captures the essence of the story to a tee! I'm glad that this recon was made because it will change a lot of sceptical peoples' minds about this gem from the third season.


Review by Stephen Phillips

Thank you so much for the brilliant reconstruction. What a shame the BBC wiped this fantastic story - but congratulations on the reconstructed version.


Review by Patrick Furlong

When I first heard about the reconstructions, I always wanted to see a reconstruction of The Daleks' MasterPlan so I could see what happens after the events of CounterPlot and Escape Switch which I saw on the Daleks - The Early Years tape. After 7 years, I finally got to see an epic reconstruction.

After the colour Marco Polo reconstruction, this has got to be one of LC's most ambitious reconstructions and no-one could have done any better.

All the composites are first class and for the first time in a full reconstruction, CGI is used and this is really good to enhance the reconstruction. Moving CGI images are good enough to eliminate the need for captions to explain the action.

All the existing footage, cliffhangers and reprises are edited into the reconstructed episodes well and are of brilliant quality. LC have even managed to create their own version of the Hartnell era font for the credits and it looks very authentic.

Not long after the release of this reconstruction, Episode 2: Day of Armageddon was recovered from a private collector and after viewing the episode on the Lost in Time DVD set (very good), I was able to compare the episode with LC's reconstructed version - they were very close to the actual episode although there are a few minor things wrong, like Steven's arm actually being in a sling but you can't get everything right. (Maybe it wasn't mentioned in the camera scripts).

The release is filled with extras - production feature narrated by Edward De Souza, introduction by Kevin Stoney (I thought he was a really good villian as Mavic Chen in this (along with Tobias Vaughn in The Invasion)), interview with Jean Marsh and Stuart Palmer's The Destroyers episode.

This is a very good reconstruction and release and although LC say they will not put reconstructions onto DVD, I will say this - if the reconstruction of Dalek MasterPlan was put on an official DVD for release in the shops, I would gladly pay good money for it.

I'd recommend this reconstruction to anyone.


Review by Jerome Jones

I have just finished watching this. WOW! what a story, the writing is actually very good (even thought its Terry N!) and the acting is top notch. I never have really seen Steven get so "bolshy" before, by this time, he's really challanging the Doctor isn't he?

Anyway, the recon. WoW this is the best (albeit most recent) I have seen so far from the LC boys. The picture quality is excellent and the use of CGI really works well and keeps you thinking that the Daleks are going to move at any moment (and sometimes they do!!). The composites are very well done and it all fits together very well.

Having struggled somewhat with previous recons audio (step forward Savages and Space Pirates!), I was pleased to find that the quality here is excellent with only a few dips, perhaps because there are multiple sources to work from here.

Keep up the good work guys, can't wait until we are all done and work can start on zapping up the quality on the early recons....


Review by Stephen Parker

Having watched several of the LC reconstructions (and seeing the improvements over the last couple of years), I often wondered how close the reconstruction might be to the actual televised episodes. Thus, when the recently discovered episode two of DMP was released on the Lost in Time DVD, I watched to see how it compared with the reconstruction from LC. I was amazed at how accurate the reconstruction was. The sequence in action, the use of still pictures for the dialogue segments, and the framing shots in the reconstruction were uncanny in their ability to capture the essence of the televised episode. The only discrepancies seemed minor (e.g., some of the aliens around the conference table were costumed differently; when Mavic Chen says he is one who "knows his place" he speaks from behind bars in the televised episode). What really struck me was how little difference there was between the two versions. I felt that I had missed nothing of real import from the reconstruction.
Kudos to Rick, Derek and Dean for the extraordinary work they do.


Review by Michael Harvey

The Daleks' Master Plan is my first Loose Cannon Recon, and suffice to say,it was superb. I've listened to the BBC audio release several times, but this recon finally confirms what i've always thought - it's a classic. The Loose Cannon Team should be proud of theirselves for taking on what must have seemed an almost impossible task. I look forward to watching future Loose Cannon Recons.
Keep up the good work!


Review by Paul Montgomery

:Finally bit the bullet & ordered my first recons (This & Misson to the Unknown naturally) & what can I say? If I'd have known they were this good, I'd have ordered them ages ago!
I always knew DMP was a great story, but LC has performed a minor miricle with this recon, I even enjoyed comparing your version of Day of Armageddon with the real version (It does sand up pretty well I gotta say).
I could go on for hours about how good this is, But I'll just say this, Based on this recon I'm gonna fill all the other gaps in my collection. Thank you for this great recon of a great story!!!


Review by Damon Didcott

This is the first Doctor Who recon I've ever ordered, and I'm very happy with both the story itself and the reconstruction. The time and effort involved must've been huge, a real labour of love for each episode, but it all creates a remarkably effective visual guide to the audio. The low level of repetition with the photos is praiseworthy, the composites are very clever, and it also makes the bits of CGI, animation and movie clips feel like a treat. The bonuses of Jean Marsh's interview, mini-documentary and 'The Destroyers' are the icing on the cake. Kevin Stoney was very funny introducing The Feast of Steven!

As for the story istelf, I watched it over 3 nights and it held my interest throughout. It's no surprise many hold it up as the best Hartnell, with its epic scale, Daleks being suitably harsh and ruthless, and excellent downbeat ending. It's the whole range for the First Doctor here - the giggling, the scolding, the authority, and even the line fluffs! From now on, I'll always think of him as 'Magic' Mavic Chen. Very impressive, thank you for your efforts with this. You've brought this story to life for me. It's always pleasing when something is hyped as being great and then turns out to be just that, and this is firmly among my favourite Who now.


Review by Thomas Tyrrell

You know how people say The Tomb of the Cybermen works better on audio? Well here is an adventure that genuinely works better as a recon.

Some people reckon the Daleks Masterplan is dull or longwinded, but I really enjoyed this adventure. The more Daleks the better, I think, and giving the story the full twelve episodes make this an epic unmatched before or since in Doctor Who history [Not counting Trial of a TImeloard then eh? - Ed]. Look at the planet-hopping scale of the story! Kembel, Future Earth, Egyptian Earth, Mara, Volcano planet, cinema Earth, Policeman Earth and the Monk's ice planet. There are more alien planets in this one than there’s been in two seasons of new Who, and the diverse and varied locations give a real lift to the adventure.

The pictures tell the story wonderfully, and the CGI is great. High points include the Monks materialisation on the volcano planet, the opening sequence of episode twelve and Sarah’s death scene, which really does the character justice. Come to think of it, Katarina’s death scene was good too.

The conclusion isn’t as tight as it could be – Stephen leaves the TARDIS and wanders about, fiddling with the Time Destructor and watching Sarah and the Doctor age to death, seemingly without concern. And the Christmas episode is a bit rubbish – some winceworthy business in the police station - “Have a – have a swinging time” indeed – and the Hollywood section is completely baffling. Screams shatter the air every two minutes, everyone’s talking in the background so you can’t hear the dialogue, Sarah’s gone to sleep in a box, the Doctor’s met Charlie Chaplin – what the hell is going on? Still, it’s good to have it.

Kevin Stoney’s Mavic Chen is a great villain. I love his booming speech in episode five, and the arrogant way he addresses the Daleks, who are just itching to exterminate him. He even gives one a smack around the eyestick for being stubborn! In a fight between him and Vaughn, he’d win hands down.

This is the best recon I’ve got so far, even better than the newer, whizzier Abomniable Snowmen or Macra Terror. And it’s longer than both put together! Order it now before VHS finally dies!


Review by Damiel Benfield

This is my first recon from you guys - dubbed by Valerie Anderson - and thus my first review, but WHAT A WAY TO START! The celebrity bonuses were great, and made me appreciate the story a lot more (the surviving episodes now make a LOT more sense :-). The story ITSELF was great from beginning to end.

Regarding Episode 2...many others have said what I think already. Oddly, my mother (not a big Who fan) watched this with me, and she decided to complain about the reuse of 'the same four pictures' in Episodes 3-4, although I found nothing wrong with it. Episode 7 was weird, to say the least (I was able to identify the actor you cast as Professor Webster :-), and Episode 12 was VERY well done! The use of GCI was great - especially in the later episodes (especially the beginning of Episode 12 - you should seriously submit that to the BBC as a legimate clip!). The lighting of the Daleks as they spoke in the still pictures and the 'spiral/howlaround' patterns just accentuate how much effort you guys put into it. The introductions were great (especially for Tape 2 :-) and the Jean Marsh interview was good, as well. My other brother watched Episode 9 and part of Ep. 10 with me, and he laughed when you have the Monk peer out of his TARDIS, disappear, and return wearing sunglasses. He also thought Patrick Troughton would've been great in that role.

But anyway, we got a great story, great composites, great use of existing footage, and great new footage. That means 10/10 in my book.

'The Destroyers' was an interesting look into a TV series that, by all accounts, should've made it. The only complaint I have is the cheesy music (I'm looking at you, Stuart :-)

All in all, a job well done! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Best shipping money I ever spent (well, this and another package), and these recons deserve to be on any Who fan's tape shelf.


Review by Lucas Microatis

Wow! I just spent the better part of last week watching your recon of the Daleks' Masterplan. What an incredible job!! Thanks to you guys, Masterplan has become my favorite Dalek story of all time. Thanks to the CGI Daleks (which are just terrific), you almost forget you're watching a recon. Thank you so much for putting this together, it is utterly fantastic.


Review by Stuart Douglas

Having already seen the surviving episodes and footage on Lost in Time, it was really nice to see how it fitted together into the story. A fantastic job on these recons. I was a bit worried that it would drag, but the story managed to keep going over all episodes, and works extremely well. It was nice to compare the recon of episode 2 to the discovered episode - and it that is anything to go by, then you've made the rest very accurately. So well done on that count. The story is very good, and it really comes to life with the reconstruction. Can you please huury up with Evil - can't wait to see that.
Story 9/10 Recon 9/10.

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