Loose Cannon Production 21
The Ice Warriors
"They're ruthless killers and they'll stop at nothing!"

BBC Production Details
Production Code: OO
Original Transmission (UK): Saturday 11 November 1967 -
Saturday 16 December 1967
Season: 5
Number of Episodes: 6
Writer: Brian Hayles
Producer: Innes Lloyd
Director: Derek Martinus

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Loose Cannon Production Details
Production Release Date: Nov 2004
Episode(s) Reconstructed: Episodes 2,3
Source Material: John Cura's telesnaps
Audio recorded by Graham Strong
  There are no surviving clips for this story
Other authentic pictures
  Composite pictures
Pictures from other stories / sources
Specially Created Material
Tape length required: UK / Australia: E180
USA / Canada: T160

Bonus Material

As well as the reconstruction we are able to bring you the following goodies…


Celebrity Introduction

We were honoured to have an exclusive introduction provided by Leader Clent. Retired actor Peter Barkworth very kindly provides the introduction to the Ice Warriors recon. Learn more about Peter Barkworth's work in our Hall of Fame...


Production Featurette

Also included as part of the introduction is a short 'mini-documentary' which gives an insight into the events surrounding the production of the Ice Warriors. This is narrated by Peter Barkworth.


Celebrity Interview

Also included on the tape is an interview with Peter Barkworth. Peter talks exclusively to Loose Cannon about his various careers, of acting, teaching and writing. His memories of the Ice Warriors, and of his other interests and favorite places.


We dedicate this reconstruction to the memory of the late Peter Barkworth.


Special Note:  

Please be aware that the surviving episodes (1, 4, 5 and 6) were released on BBC video the UK release (UK: BBCV 6755) has long since been deleted from sales but the US version is still available and the NTSC format plays in most modern VCRs. A PAL format version is still available from Australia.
Please purchase this official BBC video release to complement our reconstruction as the surviving episodes are not included on the recon.

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Loose Cannon Says:

The Ice Warriors introduced to us one of the best remembered race of Doctor Who monsters. Bernard Bresslaw's performance as the Martian warlord Varga is unsurpassed.
The BBC released with surviving episodes a short reconstruction summarising the the missing two episodes. Now you can see the Loose Cannon representation of the missing episodes reconstructed in their entirety.
The John Cura telesnaps, the existing fours episodes and publicity photos provide good coverage for most of the visual references for this reconstruction. Various video effects have been added to enhance the still images.
We hope you enjoy the reconstruction of this classic Troughton story.


The year is 3000 AD and the Earth is on the brink of a new Ice Age. The countries of the world are becoming buried beneath advancing glaciers. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive in England and encounter a small team of scientists desperately tries to hold back the ice. But buried in the ice nearby a new threat awaits them.


Review by Christopher Loftus

When I first heard that the Ice Warriors was going to be the next story to be reconstructed, my thoughts were, that the BBC's own reconstruction had covered everything required to cover the two missing episodes. How wrong was I!!
The Loose Cannon team have proved that so much was missed out from the BBC's version, (which sounds obvious when you consider that over 30 minutes are missing!). The Loose Cannon's reconstruction is faultless, and allows the viewer to appreciate the story as a whole, and the clever way the extra images are inserted to complement the existing telesnap images, allows the story to flow, without static images remaining on screen for too long. This reconstruction shows that you can not edit a story down without loosing the plot.
This is easily the best of the telesnap reconstructions to date, WELL DONE!
The interview with Peter Barkworth was interesting and informative, and like the interview with Kevin Stoney on The Invasion, its nice to see older actors, although are no longer on our screens, are still around and not to be forgotten. Also it proves that everyone conected with Doctor Who retains that bit of magic.


Review by Chris Longhurst

Although not as innovative as the LC Marco Polo recon, or as epic as the Dalek's Master Plan, this is still an excellent reconstruction. It flows nicely - it is worth contrasting it with an early LC rec. (e.g. Macra Terror) or the JV Ice Warriors recon. to see how both technology and experience are constantly improving the products. The soundtrack is also clear - the 'music/soundtrack' on the Ice Warriors was always one of my favourites from the late 1960's where it seemed reflect the contempory music I was listening to at the time.

I enjoyed the interview with Peter Barkworth - it is always interesting to hear peoples memories from ~30 years ago. One small point of constructive criticism - Peter Barkworth's vocal on the interview was both lucid and clear but occasinally the interviewer's questions were a little muffled - maybe a point to check out on future releases.

Thanks for another great recon. - Chris


Review by Mark Scott

The latest reconstruction, "The Ice Warriors" is a bit more difficult to review than many earlier reconstructions because it only includes two episodes, two and three, of the six made. Though many fans might think that the mini reconstruction included in the BBC's "Ice Warriors Collector's Edition" adequately bridges the missing 2 episodes, they are sorely mistaken.

I first time a watched the story, I was left a bit confused by the mini reconstruction on the BBC tape. I have since watched the Joint Venture (JV) reconstruction and got a much better feel for the story and understand the plot and action. I must say the Loose Cannon production takes the story to an even higher level. In the two episodes, the LC production uses a great variety of photos. The real joy is how the story's pace and feel are are recreated by expert editing of shots. The editing skills are especially evindenced in the few long dialog scenes where careful cutting and photo selection of actors seems to increase the tension and engage the viewer in the compelling story.

In addition to expert editing, this reconstruction features vastly improved sound and many added effects to peak viewer's interest. While the JV reconstruction featured a countdown to allow the viewer to synchronize the BBC CD with the tape, the LC reconstruction's sound is more than adequate. Sound is clear, even and uncannily matched to the images. Great use is made of film clips of Ice Warriors speaking several times for added drama. Also, the blinking computer and very subtle snowfall effects are added to recreate a semblance of the missing video.

Finally, the bonus material, though short in length, provides interesting behind the scenes photos and story history. Peter Barkworth's narration is clear although the video of him is a bit dark and grainy. The added interview at the end covers his career and is peppered with many film clips and other visual material.

Overall the Loose Cannon reconstruction is excellent. When watched inserted between the surviving episodes on the BBC tape, the complete Ice Warriors story comes to life. Another outstanding effort from the Loose Cannon Team!


Review by Shane Moody

I have to admit that I did not intend to get this recon so quickly, but now I am glad that I did. When ordering the last time, my dubber said she had just gotten The Ice Warriors and would be happy to make me a copy. Thanks, Valerie. I have always enjoyed The Ice Warriors video thinking the story to be very good. I now have a higher opinion of it due to Loose Cannon's reconstruction of episodes 2 & 3. The detail provided by the recon adds a lot that was left out by the BBC version. Nice use of visuals and a good soundtrack make for an enjoyable hour of Doctor Who I had not experienced before now. Thanks


Review by Patrick Furlong

After some high profile reconstructions (the full colour Marco Polo and the CGI filled Dalek MasterPlan), Loose Cannon have gone back to their roots with an old fashion telesnap reconstruction and this time, they have picked The Ice Warriors, which was famously given a condensed reconstruction of episodes two and three for the 1998 BBC Video release.

Like other LC recons, it is difficult to be disapppointed with The Ice Warriors. The first good thing to note is the credit sequences which are ten times better than the earlier JV release. Footage from the existing episodes is used well along with a clip from Seeds of Death, but in my opinion, this is a very obvious bit of cheating, but I've got room to shout.

The telesnaps and other pictures are very good quality, nothing can be faulted there. The text captions have been given a new look which is a slight improvement.

To top off the tape is a production feature narrated by Peter Barkworth (Leader Clent) along with an interview with him, which is very well done.

This is another brilliant reconstruction from the LC team and makes me proud to know them


Review by Heath Castor

I'd been waiting years for the Loose Cannon team to reconstruct episodes 2 & 3 of this amazing story. The BBC's reconstruction of the missing parts was less than stellar in my personal opinion and I knew Loose Cannon would do an amazing job.
How right I was! This reconstruction is one of the best they've done and its wonderful to have this story as complete as possible finally!
Get this reconstruction if you've not gotten it already! Its well worth it.


Review by John Saltzburg

If you've only seen the 18 minute short recon of ep 2 and 3 on the VHS release YOU MUST GET THIS ONE. while the BBC effort was adequate it is so much more impressive to have the entire episode. even knowing the story with the BBC recon I was very impressed by it.

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