Loose Cannon Production 26
The Myth Makers
"Woe to Troy!"


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BBC Production Details
Production Code: U
Original Transmission (UK): Saturday 16th October 1965 -
Saturday 06th November 1965
Season: 3
Number of Episodes: 4
Writer: Donald Cotton
Producer: John Wiles
Director: Michael Leeston-Smith

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Loose Cannon Production Details
Production Release Date: September 2006
Episode(s) Reconstructed: Episodes 1,2,3,4
Source Material: No telesnaps exist for this story
Audio recorded by David Holman
  Surviving clips
Other authentic pictures
  CGI (Computer Generated Images)
Pictures from other stories / sources
Specially Created Material
Tape length required: UK / Australia: E180
USA / Canada: T160
Bonus Material

As well as the reconstruction we are able to bring you the following goodies…


Celebrity Introduction

Providing the introduction for this reconstruction is actress Frances White, who played
Cassandra in the original story. As the first part of the introduction Frances
gives a personal account of her memories of working on The Myth Makers.
Learn more about Frances' work in our Hall of Fame...


Production Featurette

Also included as part of the introduction is a short 'mini-documentary' which gives an insight into the events surrounding the production of The Myth Makers. This is narrated by Frances White.


Historical Extract

Included on the tape is a short historical extract outlining the story of Troy. This brief documentary is beautifully narrated by Frances White.


Celebrity Interview

As a bonus feature we have included a specially recorded interview with Frances White.
Learn more about Frances' work in our Hall of Fame...


Special Note:  

No episodes of this serial are known to survive. If any should resurface and be released at a later date, please purchase the official BBC video release to complement our reconstruction.

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Loose Cannon Says:

A new and improved Myth Makers reconstruction was bound to happen sooner or later. The original Myth Makers production holds a very special place in our hearts. It was the first recon that we worked on as a team and it was revolutionary as the first recon to use specially filmed material. We are still proud of the original version, but things have come an awful long way since it was made. We had been steadily gathering source material over the intervening years and decided the time was right to 'have another go at it'.

After quite some time in production we are delighted with the finished result. Out go the full screen descriptive passages, incorrect castings and blurry screen captures. In come CGI, special video matte effects, correct likenesses for the actors and clearer images and clips. We've even managed to retain a tiny part of the original recon as a salute to recon times past. To top it all off we were delighted when Frances White (who played Cassandra) agreed to record an introduction and interview for us. It is now certainly a recon to be proud of.


The TARDIS lands in the plains outside besieged Troy. The Doctor finds himself mistaken for the god Zeus and is given a tight deadline to devise a plan that will put Troy in the hands of the Greeks.

In the meantime the TARDIS, with Vicki inside, has been captured by the Trojan Prince Paris. When Vicki emerges she too is met with praise and distrust from quarrelling rivals making power plays against each other. To prove herself, Vicki must ensure success for the Trojans by the same deadline.

The Doctor and Vicki are now pitted head to head against each other. What ingenious methods shall the Doctor choose to take the city of Troy - siege machines, flying machines, or something even more fanciful from a tale of Homer?


Review by Tony Coburn

The Loose Cannon team have done a wonderful job re-constructing this release. As only a handful of photographs exist for this story, it must have proved difficult to make this lost episode look as interesting and appealing as possible. Many pictures are visibly photoshopped, however, they still look magnificent and really do give a wider perspective to this story. I particularly love the use of CGI, and had to rewind my video on the shot of Hartnell leaving the TARDIS as it looked like newly discovered footage.

All in all, 10/10 for effort on this release.


Review by Chris Longhurst

As with the 'clean-up' of The Macra Terror the 'new' version of The Myth Makers benefits from the advances in technology over the past few years with pin sharp pictures and 'less muddy' audio. This makes watching and appreciation of the story a lot easier. For me Myth Makers (the story) goes up from 5/10 to 7/10 thanks to this excellent reconstruction and turns out to be a fast paced and exciting historical adventure.

The introduction, specials and interview with Frances White are all well worth spending time watching - the LC VHS recons are starting to compete with the restored BBC DVDs for the quality of the extras !

Thanks for all the work that went into LC26.


Review by Nigel Cantwell

I always had a soft spot for this story and carried vivid childhood memories of much of this production for many years. How sad I was to discover with the advent of the 'Video Age' in the 1980's that this story was 'Missing in Action' and the chance's of ever seeing it again were remote to say the least. However all was not lost, during the early days of DWAS I was lucky enough to pick up an audio recording and spent many hours listening to this creaky old recording and reliving the story in my 'Minds Eye'

Then Loose Canons' came on the scene along with a reconstruction of the 'Myth Makers' so at last I got to view this classic story once again.....BUT WAIT...SOMETHING WAS WRONG ! Although skillfully put together and entertaining in it own right somehow this recon was not MY Myth Makers and just failed to match the images that I could recall. Maybe it was just a trick of the mind and perhaps Myth Makers was not as good as I thought it was and at least the recon served as a good record of the story.

Come 2006 LS Made a second atempt at this story and guess what? Seems that I was right all along about how good this serial was as at last the LC team REALLY did it justice almost perfectly matching the story as I recalled it right down to the expression on Hartnell's face on being told that HE would be flying the glider!

There were were many other great moments brought to life again in this story but I think it's only fair to leave something for others to comment on, needless to say GREAT WORK by all concerned and I only hope that the next Re-Recon might be Space Pirates as this was a better story (IMHO) than given credit for and a new recon might bring that fact to light.


Review by Jonathan Coley

The pictures are clear, the soundtrack is excellent, the cgi sets are wonderful, and the use of clips from other shows is spectacular.
It is great to see this story done justice at last.


Review by Ben Davis

Not being an expert on reconstructions and having seen only a few, it was with trepidation that I approached this 'new' Myth Makers.

With the advent of animation used for 'The Invasion', Loose Cannon have had to up the ante to keep recons watchable, and they haven't disappointed. This updated Myth Makers (I haven't seen the original recon by the way) really had me hooked. With a few of the older recons, I find myself doing other things and in reality just listening to the audio, turning round to glimpse the pictures every so often. Here you don't get a chance, the images, whilst static for the most part, turn over at an incredible rate offering something new on screen every few seconds and with new 'live' action added (the sword fights amongst other things) you are never quite sure when the screen is going to suddenly burst alive with activity.

Admittedly some of the heads look rather pasted on to their new bodies in some of the shots, but then I suppose that is unavoidable if you want to keep the episodes turning over instead of the same image for 15-20 seconds.

If I have one reservation about this reconstruction it is that the bar has basically been raised heavily and it makes a lot of the older recons (excluding Daleks Master Plan, which is brilliant) look dated which means LC have a lot of work on their hands now to get those up to scratch, along with any new stories in the pipeline that they haven't done yet.

I highly recommended this story to anyone who likes Doctor Who and especially those who love the Hartnell years.


Review by Brian Muehl

I admit I'm running behind. By the time I'd received this new version of the Mythmakers, I still hadn't had a chance to watch the original recon. So I figured what the heck, I'll watch them back to back. The first thing that struck was how AMAZINGLY clear this new version is. Where the original was blurry at best (at least my copy) the updated version is as clear and crisp as a bell! I loved the motion shots of Hector and Achilles fighting on the plains. How did you guys do that?!?!?

In the past, I'd read the novelization of the Mythmakers and wasn't impressed. However, after watching the latest recon, I have to admit I very much enjoyed the story. In short, this version of the Mythmakers was light years ahead of the original recon. Thanks a million guys, and keep up the good work!


Review by Rob Hansen

Myth Makers was the first LC recon I saw, and I requested it more because it led into The Dalek Masterplan than because of any particular interest in Hartnell-era pure historicals, but what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! A cracking script, great characterization (I loved Paris - a take on the character I'd not seen before), and an involving story.

Since this was my first recon I wasn't entirely sure how I'd find it, but it worked perfectly for me. I'd listened to soundtracks before, but often not been able to make heads nor tails of what was going on. No such problem here. Images and audio worked together perfectly to tell the story. Having seen this recon, I fully intend to get most of the others in the coming months. I'm sure I'll enjoy them all.


Review by Damon Didcott

A well-made production, with some inventive use of props and moving footage. The Hector/Achilles fight and the Trojans dropping out of the Horse were especially good. The picture and audio is nice and sharp, with the last episode in particular being well-paced and reconstructed. A decent Hartnell historical elevated by LC's treatment.

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