Loose Cannon Production 32
The Faceless Ones
"You must have a double!"


Please note that this digital teaser trailer is purely to whet your appetite, recons are ONLY available on VHS quality.

BBC Production Details
Production Code: KK
Original Transmission (UK): Saturday 08th April 1967 -
Saturday 13th May 1967
Season: 4
Number of Episodes: 6
Writers: David Ellis, Malcolm Hulke
Producer: Innes Lloyd, Peter Bryant
Director: Gerry Mill

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Loose Cannon Production Details
Production Release Date: Aug 2009
Episode(s) Reconstructed: Episodes 2,4,5,6
Source Material: John Cura's telesnaps
Audio recorded by Graham Strong
  Surviving clips
Other authentic pictures
  Composite pictures
  CGI (Computer Generated Images)
Pictures from other stories / sources
Specially Created Material
Tape length required: UK / Australia: E180
USA / Canada: T160

Bonus Material

As well as the reconstruction we are able to bring you the following goodies…


Celebrity Introduction

Anneke Wills kindly agreed to provide the introduction for her final story as companion, Polly. Learn more about Anneke's work in our Hall of Fame...


Celebrity Interview 1

The lovely Anneke Wills was generous enough to spare some time to talk to Loose Cannon about her acting career and her interesting and varied life. Learn more about Anneke's work in our Hall of Fame...


Celebrity Interview 2

Loose Cannon continue to interview the lesser know names of Doctor Who as we speak to Peter Roy, who appeared in 19 different serials as a supporting artiste as well as Star Wars and many other major productions!



The Loose Cannon team have recreated a trailer for the serial originally shown at the end of the previous serial, The Macra Terror.


Production Featurette

We also include a mini documentary of the making of The Faceless Ones, narrated by Anneke Wills.

Special Note:  

Let's be clear about this. The BBC have released a wonderful DVD called "Doctor Who: Lost in Time" which features the surviving episodes of this story lovingly restored. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY we will be issuing copies of these with the recon, nor (whilst we're at it) will we ever make the recon episodes available in any format quality other than VHS.
Loose Cannon fully support the BBC and suggest you purchase the official BBC video release to complement our reconstruction.

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Please note recons are ONLY available on VHS quality.


Loose Cannon Says:

One of the very earliest Loose Cannon releases receives a well deserved update with clear telesnaps, good quality screencaps and clips plus CGI along with our usual dash of creativity make the new recon a very polished product.


The TARDIS lands at Gatwick airport in 1966. When Polly and Ben mysteriously vanish, the Doctor and Jamie must try to convince the sceptical airport Commandant that foul play is involved.

Trapped in a web of distrust they find their credibility questioned and are shocked to discover that a Polly now thinks herself to be a woman named Michelle Lopez who denies knowing the Doctor and Jamie at all. It soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems.

Together, the Doctor and Jamie must unravel the mystery of who is real, who is illusion, what forces are at play and what their sinister goals are.


Review by Chris Longhurst

The Faceless Ones (LC32) is another revisited reconstruction replacing LC02. Both picture quality and audio are much improved reflecting advances in technology over the past decade or so. The telesnaps are nicely complemented by some CGI/model work including some excellent sequences of the Chameleon aircraft/spaceship.

As usual the reconstruction includes interviews with ‘celebrities’ this time with Anneke Wills and Peter Roy. Personally I find the interviews with people such as Peter Roy, who was an extra in many serials, more interesting than those with the ‘co-stars’ as they add some extra information which is not generally available.

Thanks again Loose Cannon for making missing Troughton accessible!


Review by Mark Hyland

I won't speak of the picture restoration bacause I am a little biased, but I have to say that having seen the finished product I am incredibly impressed. It is hard to imagine how the telesnaps will convey everything that happens in the story but having cleaned them you get to see where so much more has been added,the composites have slotted in seamlessly and increased the number of images massively, lots of screengrabs from the existing episodes have been used and have really increased the pace of the story.
The CGI effects have been used incredibly well bringing life to lots of scenes and add to the story in a really good way. Whilst I wouldnt go so far as to say it is one of Troughtons best stories I would say that this recon will certainly make a lot of people reasses it, and it may well improve its ranking in the best story lists.

The interviews as always, are excellent with Anneke Wills proving to be a very interesting character with a whole wealth of annecdotes to tell of her time on the show, and well worth another visit.

So overall, not the greatest story- although I do find it a highly enjoyable romp with some great ideas and fantastic characters, but a darn good reconstruction. 8/10


Review by Darren Field

Although this is an ultimately a worthy but unexciting story the Loose Cannon revised recon brings The Faceless Ones back to life in an interesting mix of photo composites, very well cleaned up telesnaps, good use of clips and CGI (I enjoyed the little elements such as the laser spotlight in Episode 4 and explosions, rather than the plane/space station shots.) - lovely, well construced, narrated retellings of Episodes 1 and 3 too.

Not a recon that's on a par with say Evil of the Daleks, but certainly up there with The Myth Makers, The Macra Terror, and The Savages.

Of the extras Anneke Wills makes a very good interviewee and the production featurette is great value.The trailer reconstruction is brilliant as I'd never heard/seen this trailer before now. But a well deserved pat on the back to all concerned for revisting a forgotten Troughton. Many thanks.

I recommend you get a copy ASAP.

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