Rick Brindells UK Vacation
(That means "holiday" for our British viewers!)

The Loving Couple

Lucille and I on our UK trip. The trip is in celebration of 10 years of marriage. Here we are in the Gardens at Hever Castle.

The Loose Cannon Team

Here are Derek, Rick and Dean in the town square at Salisbury. For some reason it was sunny. I thought it was suppose to be overcast and wet all the time in England. Hmmm.

My Transport

I nipped out of my TARDIS thinking I would land on Earth, however, I found that I landed in the far future on the planet Xoolian Minor. The Xoolians are known for their small size and red faces! Actually, this is Derek's son Adam, but don't tell anyone!

St. Paul's Cathedral

This photo was taken on a tour bus going around St. Paul's Cathedral. Unfortuanely, we could not get inside, as rumour has it that Cybermen were inside. We didn't want to chance it!

Unfortunate Waiter

It must have been this poor fellow's first day on the job. He almost spilled the drinks on us! You have to wonder if he is cut out for this line of work.

The Doctor Who Room

Everyone should have their own Doctor Who room. Well done Dean! If you look closely, you can see the Galaxy 4 props used in the reconstruction.

The LC Team at Salisbury

Here, the Loose Cannon team visits the Cathedral at Salisbury. Maggie Rose joins the team. Maggie played a Drahvin in the Galaxy 4 reconstruction.

Big Ben

Anyone have the time? Big Ben is really big! As I was taking the picture I heard someone screaming that Daleks were crossing Westminster Bridge behind me, but when I turned around, they were gone.


During our visit to the Tower of London, my daughter Karen and her boyfriend, Brian really wanted a drink. They found the gin, but there was no tonic to be had anywhere!

The Stones Of Blood

Dean and Maggie barely escaped with their lives when the Ogri attacked. Whew!

The Fab Four

I just thought this picture was really cool! Madame Toussards is awesome and everyone should go at least once!